Does Samsung Galaxy S22 have IR blaster?

This year, Samsung again excited its fans with multiple variations of flagships, with the S22 and S22+ providing solid upgrades over their previous models, and the S22 Ultra bringing the Note back to life. Fascinated by the modern features on the spec sheet, you may also be wondering, does Samsung Galaxy S22 have IR blaster? In this article we’ll walk you through all the questions.

Does Galaxy S22 have IR blaster?

No, none of the Galaxy S22 series have IR blaster, and of course you won’t see a small black spot on the phone frame that indicates IR blaster. It is not surprising, though. In fact, the last major Samsung device to have an IR blaster on board was the Samsung Galaxy S6 in 2015. A few smartphones (especially mid or low-end models) may still have this feature, such as Xiaomi 13/13 Pro and Vivo X90 series.

IR blaster, or Infrared blaster, is a technology that allows you to send commands via infrared rays to another device, such as a television, set-top box, or stereo compatible with IR remotes. However, with the development of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, more and more TVs and other devices can simply be connected with apps.

For example, you just need to download the TV Remote apps from the Google Play Store in order to control your TV with your Galaxy phone. I works like a charm as long as the phone and the smart TV shares the same network. What if you have smart TV other than from Samsung? Try SURE Universal Smart Media Player instead. It is a universal application that can control almost all the TVs.

Alternatively, you can also purchase an IR adapter. It is portable, and offers you the same experience as an IR blaster when you use it to control most home appliances, such as TV/DVD Player/Set-Top-Box/Air.


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