Does Pixel 6a support dual SIM or micro SD card

For years, Google Pixel A-series phone has been the best Android phone in in its midrange class, and this time around, the Pixel 6a again accomplished its intended purpose of providing a lot for less. Bright display, compact size, Tensor-powered capabilities, five years of security updates, all these are good reasons why you should buy this budget phone. But is it still a good choice from other aspects, such as dual SIM and micro SD?

Does Pixel 6a support dual SIM

Yes, Pixel 6a support dual SIM, the feature Google have offered since Pixel 3a. More specifically, dual SIM on this new smartphone refers to a physical SIM card and an eSIM built into the phone. With the dual SIM activated, you can connect to different wireless carrier for phone calls, texts, and mobile data.

How to set up dual SIM on your Pixel 6a? If you already set up your first physical SIM card, all you need to do is go to Settings>Network&Internet, then tap the “+” icon next to Mobile Network>Download a SIM instead, and tap Yes on the prompt asking if you want to use two SIMs. After a quick update, repeat the steps above until you get to Mobile Network. Tap it and follow the instructions to set up eSIM.

If you already use a eSIM as your first number, simply remove the SIM card tray and place the physical SIM into it. Tap Yes on the prompt asking if you want to use two SIMs. Then go to Settings as above and repeat the process.

Does Pixel 6a support micro SD card

Unfortunately, very few phones support micro SD card nowadays, neither does Pixel 6a. Actually, Google has never added this functionality on its Pixels phones, whether it’s the original Pixel in 2016 or last year’s Pixel 6 series. The reason of it may be that Google wants to achieve sleeker designs and lower costs by sacrificing expandable storage.

Pixel 6a already has 128GB of internal storage, which is enough for daily use. But if you like to accumulate untold amount of pictures, games, videos, and other content, the Samsung Galaxy A53 may be a better choice. Besides 128GB internal storage, it also supports external storage of up to 1TB.


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