Does MagSafe work on your Android phone

Apple debuted MagSafe technology alongside the iPhone 12 series, which allows you to attach wireless chargers, battery packs, wallets and other accessories to the back of your phone. It is specially designed for the latest iPhones, but with a simple method, it can also work with your Android phone.

What is MagSafe

If you’ve ever used a wireless charger for your phone, you might experienced the issue when placing your phone on the charger: If it isn’t on the sweet spot, the phone won’t charger at all. This is why Apple added magnets inside the iPhone as well as introducing the MagSafe technology in the MagSafe battery pack. The MagSafe charger will keep your phone in the right position each time it it connected. On the other hand, this new technology allows the phone to charger at 15W, a faster charging speed compared with 7.5W using a normal Qi charger.

MagSafe chargers on Android phones

Fear not, if you want to use MagSafe chargers on your Android phone. After all, MagSafe is essentially wireless charging with magnets. All you need is a MagSafe adapter (magnetic sticker or ring) which offers specially placed magnets to keep your accessories aligned. Keep in mind that the MagSafe charger is made for iPhones, so it may not work perfectly on every device, and the charging speed would be slower on your Android, but still, it’s a benefit to look for.

MagSafe adapters are usually used directly on the back of your phone, but you can also wirelessly charge your phone with a MagSafe-enabled phone case, such as Moment (M) Force Case. If you use a wallet attachment or folio-style case, you may want to remove your credit cards, as the magnets may wipe out the RFID chip in them.

Recommendation of MagSafe adapters:

Mophie Snap Adapter Compatible with MagSafe

The Mophie Snap is a magnetic ring that can help to keep your accessories aligned, including MagSafe and other Qi-enabled chargers, as well as mophie Snap/Snap+ Power Packs. You can simply use it on your iPhone, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and other Qi-compatible devices.


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