Can you use an Apple Watch without iPhone

The Apple Watch has been a big success ever since its introduction in 2015. People love Apple Watch’s durability, water resistance and fitness-tracking abilities. In recent versions, there are even tools like ECGs (electrocardiograms) that can tell you when your heartbeat is abnormal and oximeters that can measure your blood oxygen levels. However, if you don’t own an iPhone or just don’t want to carry around an iPhone, can you still use the Apple Watch?

Can you use an Apple Watch without iPhone

You need an iPhone to link an Apple ID and set up your Apple Watch. There’s no way around it. Neither MacBook or iPad can help you do that, only iPhone 6s or later versions work. The bright side is that with WatchOS 7 or later, you can set up your Apple Watch with a family member or a friend’s iPhone.

Apple Watch is essentially a companion device to the iPhone. If you can’t set it up, it’s just a lovely bracelet that’s too expensive. If you don’t have an iPhone or any other Apple device, an Android smartwatch would be better for you as it’s compatible with many operating systems, including iOS.

Things you can do on your Apple Watch without iPhone

Still, there’re many things you can do once you’ve set up your Apple Watch, even if you are out and about without iPhone. Note that some features are limited to LTE version, which usually runs around $100 more than the Wi-Fi counterpart.

  • Use Apple Pay: As long as you’ve set up Apple Pay on your Apple Watch, you don’t need to carry your iPhone to pay for products. Simply place the smartwatch near the sensor area and double-press the side button, the transaction will be done in seconds.
  • Listen to music or podcast: You can download your favorite songs and podcasts on your Apple Watch, all of which you can listen without the need for an iPhone. Note that the Apple Watch has no headphone jack, so you’d better carry your AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones.
  • Call and text: Your Apple Watch allows you to make calls and send text messages even without iPhone. To use this feature, make sure you’re connected to a cellular or Wi-Fi network.
  • Use maps: Using maps is another useful feature of an Apple Watch. With it, you can go anywhere without a bulky iPhone in pocket.
  • Track activity: When you’re exercising like jogging or riding a bike, your Apple Watch will keep track of your fitness metrics like how many calories you burn or how far you travel. In addition, your other health metric will be recorded without an iPhone, including your heart rate and blood oxygen level. All these functions don’t require a wireless or cellular connection to work.
  • Fall detection: It is standalone feature on Apple Watch Series 4 or later version. It works by offering you an option if you’re OK whenever you experience a hard impact. If you don’t swipe, it will automatically call 911.


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