Does Pixel 6a support wireless charging

Wireless charging is a feature that more and more manufacturers would like to add into their brand-new smartphones. If you’re wondering if the Pixel 6a support this technology, you’re not alone. However, this new Google budget phone doesn’t have wireless charging as other Pixel 6 devices, nor does it have reverse wireless charging that makes it possible to charge your Pixel Watch or Pixel Buds Pro.

How much battery does Pixel 6a have

The Pixel 6a comes with a 4,410 mAh battery, a bit smaller than the Pixel 5a’s 4,680 mAh cell, which promises over 24 hours across a mix of talk, data, standby, and use of other features. With Extreme Battery Saver turned on, the battery life could reach up to 72 hours. Again, keep in mind that battery life depends upon many factors and usage of certain features, actual battery life should be lower.

The bright side is that Google has made some other adjustments to improve the power efficiency. For instance, the Pixel 6a is equipped with Google’s AI-driven Tensor chip, which in combination with Google’s software optimization would help to extend the battery life to some extent.

Can you fast charge Pixel 6a

The charging speed is not changed from last year of the Pixel 5a. You can charge up your Pixel 5a at 18W, not a great charging speed if you’re pressed for time. The phone doesn’t come with a charging block in the box, but you have a lot of options on the market, as long as the chargers supports the Programmable Power Supply (PPS) profile. If you don’t know which one to choose, no worry, we’ve picked up some of the best options for you.


Anker Nano Pro 20W USB C Charger

  • Designed for iPhone: Provide full-speed 20W charging for the iPhone 13.
  • High-Speed Charging: 20W USB-C charging gives you the power you need to charge up your iPhone to 50% in just 25 minutes—that’s up to 3 times faster than your old 5W charger.
  • Advanced Safety Features: Equipped with our all-new ActiveShield️ safety system to offer enhanced protection. Features a Dynamic Temperature Sensor which actively monitors temperature, and a Power Tuner Chip which adjusts power output to safeguard your connected device.
  • Our Speed, Your Style: Choose between 5 unique colors to find the one that suits your style.

Spigen 40W USB C Wall Charger

  • Dual USB C PD Charging Port: Up to 30 Watt Power Delivery Output with single USB C port loaded / Total 40 Watt Max(20 Watt for each port) when both ports are in use
  • High-End Tech: Gallium Nitride (GaN) Technology, unlike Silicon Chipset, Navitas Gallium Nitride (GaN) Chipset allows the ArcStation to be smaller than the genuine charger. Also, allows the charger to operate with higher efficiency and generate less heat than genuine charger.
  • Reducing damage to your devices: Unlike other fast charging products, with GaN(Gallium Nitride) Chip embedded and IntelligentSafety Technology, it ensures the safety of our users and their devices by managing 15 points safety standard and reducing heat dissipation.


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