How to use your iPhone safely on cold days

If you have an iPhone, you may find that your iPhone moves slowly or the visuals aren’t as sharp as usual outside on cold days. Sometimes, it may lose battery rapidly or turn off suddenly, even if you gave it a full charge. Generally, this is not a problem resulting from hardware or software, it’s because of the lithium-ion battery.

Under a certain temperature, the electrolyte liquid contained in the lithium-ion battery will start to crystallize, affecting natural electricity flow through the battery and the iPhone’s normal functioning. Actually, your iPhone may turn off under extreme conditions, no matter it is extremely cold or hot. On Apple’s support website, they claim that the ideal ambient temperature range for iPhone is 32–95 degrees Fahrenheit (0–35 C°). If you’re out for a short period of time, there’s no need to worry about your phone as it will return to normal once it’s back in a warm environment. But how about when you need to stay outside for long?

Keep it close to your body

Your iPhone will lose temperature quickly if you hold it for too long. Keep it in the inner pocket of your coat or simply in your handbag or backpack. With your body heat and good insulation, it should stay at an operational temperature. If you don’t need your phone right now, turn it off until you find a warm place.

Give it a robust protection

There are insulated case especially designed for phones. They can better keep your iPhone warm. Check out PHOOZY XP3 Series Ultra Rugged Thermal Phone Case or ClimateCase Insulating Cell Phone Case that can fit for all kinds of iPhone models. You can also directly search one for a certain model.

Carry a portable charger

Though the battery may not charge well at cold temperatures, bringing a portable charger with you will give your some power more or less. If you drive a car on cold weather, make sure you prepare a car charger compatible with your iPhone.


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