How to protect yourself from AirTag stalking

Apple’s AirTag is a useful tool to help owners identify their lost stuff. Just slip it onto a keychain or inside bags, wallets and purses, you can easily find the last known location of your items that are attached to it. However, the cute tracking tag can also be used to control and stalk the victims. They are so tiny that anyone can stash them in your belongings and track your whereabouts. In this essay, we’ll walk you through some ways that can keep you from AirTag stalking, le’t move on.

Search for AirTags in different devices

Apple claimed that an iPhone with iOS 14.5 or later would alert the owner once an unknown AirTag is moving with it, and the AirTag would also chirp after more than three days of separation from its registered user. While in a later firmware update, this time period is adjusted to 8-24 hours.

For Android users, on the other hand, Apple released a Tracker Detect app recently in the Google Play Store that offers you the similar protection. However, note that it won’t search for unknown AirTags travelling with you until you turn it on manually. For now, there’s no option for you like constantly scanning, possibly because it drains the battery fast.

You can also use a Bluetooth scanning app to scan the area you’re in, such as the Bluetooth BLE Device Finder (for iOS users) and the BLE Scanner (for Android users). Just walk around the area with the app turned on, you’ll know immediately whether or not there’s an unknown device.

What to do if you find the unknown AirTag

If you find an AirTag that doesn’t belong to you, open the Find My app and hold your iPhone close to it until the name of the AirTag on the screen appears on the screen. Tap the name and then you’ll know its serial number, which will assist you in cyberstalking cases. If you have an Android phone, just tap it against your phone’s NFC reader, and all the info will show.

Disabling the unknown AirTag is easy. Simply press down and twist the battery cover to take out the removable battery. You can also follow the instructions on your phone to disable it after you get the serial number.

Check your belongings

If you suspect someone might be tracking you with AirTags, check the personal belongings you carry around, like bags, luggage, and purses. Swapping your bags on a regular basis and using Uber instead of your car can also help lower the risk you’re being stalked.


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