Can you use your Pixel 6 without a case?

The Google Pixel 6 features a distinctive new look over the traditional-looking Pixel 5. It not only has a two-tone back split by a horizontal camera block, but the Gorilla Glass together with the metal frame make the phone feel much more premium than ever. That said, we don’t suggest that you use your Pixel 6 without a case. Here’s why.

Pixel 6 is easy to drop

The Pixel 6 is made of Gorilla Glass Victus on the front, which is deemed as the toughest Gorilla Glass yet and can survive drops onto hard, rough surfaces from up to 2 meters. While on the back it is Gorilla 6, which can survive drops from up to 1.6 meters.

However, the Pixel 6 is a heavy phone at 207g, with a 6.4-inch display which you need both hands to handle. Besides, different from its predecessor, the Pixel 6 isn’t textured, so it can be rather slippery. Due to these reasons, you’d better get a case if you want to use the phone for longer. After all, despite strong Glasses, no smartphone is 100% drop-resistant.

Google includes a $29 silicon case for Pixel 6 in the box, with extra protection against shock, especially above and below the camera gap. There’re also many good third-party protective case for Pixel 6 on the market, including Caseology Parallax Protective Case, Rinke Fusion Case, and Foluu Wallet Case.

Pixel 6 isn’t fully waterproof

As before, Pixel 6 still features IP68 protection, meaning that the phone is scored the highest level both against dust and water. Theoretically, IP68 enables the phone to be dust-tight and survive when submerged in water at depths more than 1 meter.

Google doesn’t list the exact depths, only saying that “it can take on a little water and dust no problem”. Therefore, there’s no need to worry about accidents like drink getting spilled or your phone dropping in toilet, and it’s best to only use your Pixel 6 for daily use instead of taking your phone for swimming and the like.


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