Does Google Pixel 6 support fast charging?

Google Pixel 6 may be one of the best Pixel phones ever, not only because of its premium, distinctive new look, Google-designed Tensor processor, and customizable Android 12, but because of its $599 price tag for those who don’t want to pay an extra $1000 for a new flagship. However, compared with phones like iPhone 13 and Galaxy S21, Pixel 6 still have some mediocre features, such as battery and charging.

Battery capacity

Pixel 6 has a battery of 4,612 mAh, more than 4,080mAh of Pixel 5, and far above 2,800mAh of Pixel 4. Google claims that the phone can last up to 24 hours, however, can Pixel 6 survive a full day in practice? During our testing, it can get you through a whole day and then some with average use. But if you are doing heavy tasks like taking photos or watching videos, the battery will drain much quicker. The second experiment is about 5G, which shows that 5G together with a 90Hz refresh rate could lead to as short as 8 hours or so, nearly two hours less than rival smartphones.

How to extend battery life

There’re some useful tips on extending the battery life of your Pixel 6. The first step is to toggle off 5G. Just go to Settings>>Network & internet, then tap SIMs, scroll down to Preferred network type. Click it and choose LTE.

The Pixel 6 offers an 90Hz refresh rate, so reducing your time on gameplay and the like would help your phone preserve more battery. During emergencies, you can also turn on the Extreme Battery Saver mode, which force your Pixel 6 to pause most apps and notifications, only leaving you the functions you need most.

Charging speed

The Pixel 6 supports fast charging of up to 30W, a jump from the Pixel 5’s 18W speed. During testing, the phone can get to 28% within 30 minute of charing, and 80% after one hour. This is not a super fast speed for some, compared with 60W charging of Asus ROG 5 and 65W of OnePlus 9. Pixel 6 comes with a USB-C to USB-C cable in the box, but there’s no charging block. So to tap this 30W charging speed, you’ll need use your own block or spring for a new one that supports USB Power Delivery PPS standard.

There’s an improvement in wireless charging as well. With a proprietary Pixel Stand (2021), you’ll be treated to 21W charging speed. While with other Qi-compatible charger, you’ll see 12W speed. The Pixel 6 also support Battery Share, which means it can directly charge other wireless charging-capable devices like Pixels Buds.


Anker PowerPort III Pod

Anker PowerPort Pod III supports both USB Power Delivery PPS and 65W fast charging. That is to say, you can use it to charge your Pixel 6, tablets, laptops and more.

Belkin Wireless Charging Pad

The Belkin wireless charging pad offers up to 15W wireless charging for all compatible phones, including your Pixel 6, though it may not charge as quickly as the Pixel Stand.


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