How to listen to music on your Apple Watch

With the new watchOS 7, Apple Watch has a list of new features, for example, it enables you to unlock your Mac quickly and your iPhone while wearing a mask. However, you may not know that Apple has also made it much easier for you to stream music to your Apple Watch.

Firstly you need to check if your Apple Watch has been updated to the latest version. Go to General>>Software Update. If there’s up-to-date software, it will tell you to install the lastest update.

Because your Apple Watch doesn’t have a 3.5mm headphone jack, you need a pair of wireless Apple AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones. Make sure the Bluetooth device is on and in pairing mode, then go to Settings>>Bluetooth in your Apple Watch, find the device and get it connected.

Next, keep your Apple Watch being charged. Make sure the Bluetooth on your iPhone is turned on. Find the My Watch section in the Watch app, tap on Music, from which you’ll see whether or not “automatically add music you’ve listened to recently” is enabled. For better customization, you can just disable it, tap Add Music manually. You can also create a playlist in advance which runs your favorite songs.

After all this is done, tap Sync to transfer the music from your iPhone to your Apple Watch. When synchronization is complete, take your Apple Watch off charge and you can use it again.

Now, you can easily enjoy musci via your Apple Watch. Press the Digital Crown on the side and open Apple Music. From there, you can flip through thumbnails of albums and playlists. Alternatively, tap the entry for Library and select Playlists, Artists, Albums, or Songs. If you are listening to musci via Spotify, make sure your iPhone is close to you. In case you are exercising, making meals and the like, make use of Siri to free up your hands.


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