Does GaN charger support fast charging?

Battery capacty is the eternal topic in handsets, tablets, and laptops. With the upgrade of battery capacity inside these electronics, manufacturers are also managing to develop fast charging technology in order to extend their lifespan, including Qualcomm QC (Quick Charge), OPPO VOOC, SCP (SuperCharge), HUAWEI FCP (FastCharge) and the very popular PD (Power Delivery). However, following it is the bulkiness of charger due to the power density of components.

This is where a GaN charger comes into play. Thanks to a wider bandgap than silicon, which is the energy required to send electrons from valance band to conductive band, GaN charger enables higher voltage to pass through the material within smaller space. In other words, you’ll have a much faster charging speed with a GaN charger which is 50% smaller than a regular silicon one. Another problem of traditional chargers is overheat. Because it’s easier for energy to pass through within GaN charger, which is more efficient, there won’t be overcharging and overheating problems anymore.

Hence, we learn that GaN charger is smaller, safer, and faster. But how fast is it really? Based on the design, size, charging ports and the like, different manufacturers will produce GaN charger with different charging speeds. For now, a GaN charger is approximately 10%-20% higher in price than the others, but with it, you can charge for all your devices, from headphones, powerbanks, to phones, tablets and laptops without worring about overheating.

Overall, if you are planning to get a single-port GaN charger, Anker Nano II is the most recommended. This 45W charger is even smaller than most 30W ones. Besides, thanks to the GaN II chip, Anker Nano II behaves exceptionally well in balancing heat control and current flow. For those who want to charge multiple devices at the same time, Anker PowerPort Atom III Slim 63W is a great choice. You can charge your laptop together with other three accessories, like smartwatch, headphones, and smartphone.


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