How to apply screen protector perfectly without bubbles?

It is not uncommon to have air bubbles or dust particles underneath after installing a screen protecor. But they do obscure the phone display or make touch gestures difficult. Don’t worry, this essay will walk you through a fool-proof method of applying a screen protector with little hassle, and leave you with a device 100% free of bubbles. 

How to choose the best screen protector?

Plastic screen protector: plastic screen protectors include PET and TPU. The former is a type of plastic usually found on things like water bottles and food containers, while the latter is one of the most common type of screen protectors with many benefits. It is more flexible, and can provide better impact protection than PET. Besides, it has limited “self-healing” powers for small scratches.

Tempered glass: though tempered glass is somewaht thick, and it doesn’t have the self-healing abilities of TPU, but it’s tougher in terms of scratch- and drop-protection. It is probably the best glass protector for most people: they have the smoothest feel, prevent the most damage, and are available at pretty decent prices.

Nano liquid: nano liquid is increasinly popular on the market, which claim you can protect your phone just by swabbing a solution on your phone and then buffing it off. It is almost invisible, and of strong aesthetic feeling. However, nano liquid is so thin that tough scratches can easily get through to the actual screen. Furthermore, most products claim that you can’t just swap it with another screen protector –it will wear off over time (but who can tell when, anyway?).

How to apply screen protector perfectly without bubbles?

Step 1: Initial device cleaning

Find a dust-free and wind-free place. Remove the protective case, and use a micro-fiber cloth vigorously to cleanse your screen from finger prints and smudges. 

Step 2: Remove screen protector from packaging

Remove your screen protector from the packaging, and discern which side of the protector is up. Do not remove the protective film on the sticky side until later. Then take two pieces of scotch tape about an inch long, and stick them on either side of the screen protector, with half of them sticking off the edge.

Step 3: Orient screen protector

Leave the protective film on to achieve alignment. Pay attention on the cutouts on the screen and the seal around the entire edge. Once the desired position is found, hold it in place while wrapping the two pieces of tape around the back of the device to secure the screen protector in place.

Step 4: Secondary device cleaning

Now that the screen protector is secured in place, you can flip it over and use a microfiber to clean the screen again to remove any dust particles. Then, take a piece of tape or sticker and lift off all particles left behind the cloth.

Step 5: Apply screen protector

Now that your device is perfectly clean to apply the protector. Just carefully peel off the protective film, making sure the tape stays in place. Quickly flip it over onto your device, while keeping tension on the tape. At last, carefully remove the pieces of tape in case any dust gets underneath.

Step 6: Remove bubbles

There may be some bubbles on the screen, but since the screen is entirely clean and no dust is trapped, it is easy to completely remove the bubbles. Take a credit card to push the bubbles to the nearest edge. You may need some force to remove them, but don’t worry, your screen is being protected.


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