How to Set Up Your iPhone Before Selling It


When you try to sell or trade-in your old iPhone, you should reset and wipe your iPhone to make sure that your personal date won’t be accessed by strangers. And the new owner of your old iPhone doesn’t want to see your phones in the phone as well. It only takes a few steps and a few minutes. Follow these simple steps below.

How to back up your iPhone before wiping it?

You should make sure you have an up-to-date backup of your iPhone. No matter you opened automatic iCloud backup or not. A manual backup will make sure you’re absolutely up to date.

Step 1. If your iPhone has low battery volume, connect it to power. And make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi.

Step 2. Open Setting

Step 3. Tap on the Apple ID banner

Step 4. Tap iCloud

Step 5. Tap iCloud Backup

Step 6. Tap the switch to turn it on

Step 7. Tap Back Up Now


How to wipe all data from your iPhone?

1. First of all, you should sign out of your iCloud, iTunes and App Store.

If you are using i0S 10.2 or earlier,

Tap Settings > iCloud > Sign Out > tap Sign Out again > tap Delete from My [device] > enter your Apple ID password. Then go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Apple ID > Sign Out

If you are using iOS 10.3 or later,

tap Settings > Tap [your name] > tap Sign Out > enter your Apple ID password > tap Turn Off

2. Then, you have to make sure that Find My iPhone is turned off.

Tap Settings on Home screen > [your name] > iCloud >Find My iPhone > Tap the Find My iPhone toggle to turn it off

3. Sign out of iMessage, in case your old iPhone continues getting iMessages addressed to you, even after it has been sold.

Tap Settings > Messages > tap on the iMessage toggle to turn it off

4. Erase all your data

Tap Settings > tap General > tap Reset > choose Erase All Content and Settings > Tap Erase Now > Enter your Passcode > Enter your Apple ID password to turn off Activate Lock and remove the device from Find my iPhone


5. It’s better to remove iPhone from your Apple ID account.

Go to: > Log in > Click on your iPhone under Devices > Click on the “Remove from Account” button in the popup

Now your iPhone has been prepared to be sold out or traded in. You have no need to worry about your personal information leakage.

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