Can you play Xbox games on your iPhone?

Apple has always said absolutely no to streaming Xbox games to its devices, but there seems to be some leeway this time. In a post released by Verge’s Tom Warren, Xbox One users were able to stream games from the console to their iPhone remotely via the early beta access on iOS, which just followed the successful experience that Microsoft recently offered to Android devices through the last beta version of its Xbox app. In other words, similar to Sony’s PS4 Remote Play app, we will be able to play Xbox games either on Android devices or on iPhone and iPad.

Tom Warren on new Xbox app for iPhone

It is important to note that the new remote play feature is not similar to Microsoft’s xCloud service, which provides game streaming to mobile devices directly from the server. Instead, you are actually streaming games already existing in your console, or the computer in your house if there is Steam Link. In addition, unlike xCloud, this ability comes with one important precondition — you need to first own an Xbox console.

play Xbox games on iPhone and iPad

But the good news is, users can access the Xbox One from their iPhone over Wi-Fi or LTE. This means you can get access to your Xbox even if you are not sharing the same network with your Xbox. You are able to install games remotely, switch on your Xbox One outside, and activate the console from your phone without sound or Xbox light. When you disconnect, it just goes into standby after a brief period of inactivity.

The Xbox remote play feature is still in testing with TestFlight members, but considering the Xbox Series S and Series X is due to launch on November 10, the public release of this Xbox app would be happening soon. Check Microsoft’s recent pre-orders if you are interested, or learn how to play Xbox games on your Android if you already have an Android device.

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