Does OnePlus Nord support USB OTG to sync files?

The new-released OnePlus Nord doesn’t have a flagship Snapdragon processor inside, but it still has received lots of fans for its performance on cameras, battery life, and design. The Nord is not equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack. And just like previous OnePlus phones, it doesn’t offer a micro SD card slot for external memory. Some people may ask if OnePlus Nord supports USB OTG technology so that they can listen to music and expand storage as before. The answer is yes, you can use USB OTG to syn files, connect with the keyboard and much more.

USB OTG (also called USB On-the-Go) can be seen on many popular smartphones, especially Android ones in the current market. It serves as an indicator on devices capable of connecting to and controlling external USB peripherals or connecting to another device and acting as a peripheral themselves, according to Simply put, if you connect your phone with the computer via a USB OTG, the computer will be the host and your phone will be peripheral. If you connect the flash drive to your phone via a USB OTG, your phone will be the host instead. 

To determine whether or not your phone supports USB OTG, just look for the OTG logo on the product packaging or install a USB OTG checker app to know for sure which features work. USB OTG is a very useful function, as it enables you to use an Android tablet as a laptop. You can use USB OTG to connect a mouse, keyboard, printer, video game controller, flash drive and even another phone. To connect multiple peripherals at the same time, you can also use the OTG to connect to a USB hub. 

OnePlus Nord doesn’t come with an adapter in the box, and its USB-C port is only USB 2.0 compatible, which means data transfers aren’t as fast as with USB 3.1 devices. Nevertheless, you can improve the condition by having a fast-speed USB OTG with just an extra small amount of pennies. 

Recommended USB OTG for your phone:

Nonda USB-C to USB-A OTG Adapter

  • [Usb 3. 0 SuperSpeed] up to 5Gbps data transfer speed. Fast USB C to USB adapter.
  • [Plug & play] OTG Adapter. No additional driver/software needed. Simple Thunderbolt 3 to USB adapter.
  • [Support Side by side Use] won’t block adjacent USB-C port, which may happen on adapters with No cable.
  • [Universal Compatibility] Compatible with laptop/tablet/smartphone with a USB Type-C port including MacBook Pro 2018/2017/2016, MacBook Air 2018, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy S8/S9.


  • 【USB On-The-Go】: Plug in and use computer peripherals, such as flash drive, keyboard, hub, mouse and more, makes your USB-C devices compatible with USB drives and any other USB devices that support USB On-The-Go.
  • 【USB 3.0 Super Speed Transfer】: Full USB 3.0 super speed data transfer up to 5Gbps, 10x faster than USB 2.0. Transfer files, HD movies and songs to your USB-C devices in seconds.
  • 【Nylon Tangle-free Design】: Tangle-free Nylon Braided Design, this USB 3.0 Cord is far more dependable than others in its price range. Premium nylon braided cable adds additional durability and tangle free.
  • 【Durable Aluminum Body】: Made out of durable aluminum alloy, innovative engineering ensures durability and a long life span.


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