Does Samsung Galaxy Note 20/Note 20 Plus have big battery and fast charging?

It is almost certain that Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 series would be revealed in August, along with several other Samsung products including the Galaxy Tab S7 tablet and a 5G version of the Galaxy Z Flip. As the most anticipated Android phones of the year, Galaxy Note series this time may include totally three models: Galaxy Note 20, Note 20 Plus, and Note 20 Ultra. (Rumors also have that there would be just Note 20 and Note 20 Plus/Note 20 Ultra.) Basically, Samsung’s new phones are expected to feature better 120Hz displays, improved cameras, and more enhancements like the S pen stylus and 5G connectivity.

Do Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series have a big battery?

According to the information from China’s 3C certification database, the Galaxy Note 20 will have a 4,300mAh battery pack, which is a notable upgrade from the Galaxy Note 10’s 3,500mAh battery. Carrying the model number EB-BN980ABY, the battery is rated 4,170mAh. But considering the Galaxy Note 10 Plus has ever had a rated battery capacity of 4,170mAh, and was actually marked as 4,300mAh on the market, we have reason to believe that Samsung would do the same with Galaxy Note 20. On the other hand, the Galaxy Note 20+ will most probably have a typical battery capacity of 4,500mAh. Rumors say that the Note 20 has a 6.7-inch screen, and the Note 20 Plus could be 6.9-inch, so the difference of actual battery life between the two phones would be very small.

Do Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series feature fast charging?

The existing Galaxy Note 10 recharges very quickly, if you use the 45-watt charging brick from Samsung. However, MySmartPrice says that both the Galaxy Note 20 and Note 20 Plus are shipped with a 25-watt charger. MyFixGuide also corroborated that, though at the same time they claims the phones will support 45w charging and 5G connectivity. 

The good news is that with the development of a new material called gallium nitride, charging adapters in the future will be smaller and more efficient. Giants like Apple and Samsung are exploring this technology right now, and some other manufacturers have already made it. For example, the gallium nitride adapter Xiaomi is selling can fully recharge the Mi 10 smartphone in just 45 minutes. 

The Galaxy Note 20 series are also expected to feature Exynos  992 processor, 16 GB RAM, second-generation Samsung security chip, fast Qi wireless charging, and reverse wireless charging. Because Apple’s iPhone 12 series will also launch in second half of the year, or more specifically within weeks when Galaxy Note series are released, let’s just wait and see if Samsung can take advantage then.


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