Does Apple iPad Pro 2020 support fast charging?

The new Apple iPad Pro 2020 would be released in Match 2020, with no more than a month left till now. Because it’s been two years since the iPad Pro 2018 launch, the 2020 version is bound to come with many leaks and rumors, including an A13X processor, a triple-lens camera on the rear, and the most advanced 5G. But as it is reported that Apple would add a trackpad to the iPad Pro smart keyboard, which means another step towards making iPad feel more like a laptop, it becomes particularly urgent to solve the problem: does the new tablet have big battery life? Does it support fast charging so that using it anytime is possible?

To answer the first question, we can take a look at a list by TabletComparison. It is clear from the chart that the battery capacity of mainstream tablets generally floats between 12 Hrs and 15Hrs, and Apple just gains an average score. Thus, If you find the battery drops quite quickly when you’re using your iPad Pro for something strenuous like video editing or gaming, it is not at all surprising. That said, with iPad Pros getting more like laptops, we could expect Apple to really boost the battery life of its slates.

When talking about fast charging, we have to mention the charging port. Apple has substituted the lightning port of its iPad Pro with USB-C port, we know that USB-C gets a data speed of up to 10Gbps, twice as fast as USB 3.0 and the first-gen USB 3.1. For recent years, Apple is apparently pushing this new charging interface, with Macbook Pro equipped with that and iPhone 11 coming in the box with a Type-C to the lightning connector. Also, almost every Android handset has a USB-C port now, so it is nearly certain that the new iPad Pro 2020 would have one too.

Another experiment from Inviolabs further proved that iPad Pro supports PD fast charging, but not other protocols such as Qualcomm’s QC. And when charging respectively with an 18W USB-C PD charger and a 61W USB-C PD charger, the charging speed of the latter is much more than the former — that is to say, the higher the voltage, the faster the speed. For iPhones, 18W can meet daily needs; while for iPad and Macbook, buying a 30W charging block may be not enough. Here we recommend a Lecone 60W USB-C PD wall charger for iPads and the upcoming new iPad Pro, take a look:

Lecone 60W USB-C PD Wall Charger

  • Advanced Power Delivery: 60W output for a variety of PD devices from laptops to smartphones. Additional 18W USB port powers all USB devices with incredible speed. 
  • Slim & Compact: Lecone 60W Dual Ports USB Charger has a dimension of 74 x 69 x 31mm, which has a smaller size of MacBook Stock 61W USB-C Power Adapter. 
  • Wide Compatibility: For all USB-C laptops, iPads, and other Type-C enabled smartphones.
  • Safe & Reliable: Short-circuit protection over-voltage and over-current effectively protect your devices from damage and ensure safer charging overnight.


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