Is Mi 9T Pro Long Battery Life?

Among the phones releasing in 2019, Xiao mi is a special brand ,which is always stand up creativeness and innovation and  currently the world’s fourth-largest smartphone brand and has established the world’s largest consumer IoT platform.   2 months ago, they released the newest  phone-Mi 9T Pro, which is  maybe  superior to OnePlus. Besides, the price is rather available. As we all know, The help of  Mi fans are the most important force. It is so called “Fan Economy”. Someone purchased the new phone , just only because it doesn’t have a notch, include other factors.The screen is nice and  the price is range of a mid-range.It  possess Excellent value and has a headphone port. But , now  what i want to tell is the long battery life, the Mi 9T Pro’s is bordering on great!  So how’s the battery life performance of Mi 9T Pro?



4000mAh Battery+ 27W Fast Charge

What is the most considerable factor when you plan to purchase a new phone ? I think the necessary factor is the usage of the battery .I am confirmed that you must satisfied with the battery life of Mi 9T Pro . It  it is equipped a 4000mAh (typ) battery same as Mi 9T, but Mi 9T Pro supports 27W fast charge, faster than Mi 9T. It is even better than iPhone 11 and Huawei Mate 30. Here are some tests from Mi Community about the performance of battery.


Video Test 

Actually , we are using smartphones in our unique  way , someone like watching video on the phone,which must consume  too much electricity. so, we can have a video test in the normal use in everyday life,include  automatic brightness, enable WIFI, Bluetooth and GPS, battery charge to 100%. Follow up the picture, we can start with  the 1080P video for an hour on YouTube. the battery dropped to 92%. It only used 8% of the  battery an hour.When  we ran Twitter for an hour – scrolling through social media and checking the news, the battery dropped from 92% to 87%.


Game Test 

Gaming with the phone are becoming more and more usual.It must be annoying when the game is running ,while the phone is out of power in a short time .Now, we can test hottest game,PUBG mobile, which is the super hot and super CPU-intensive game.The overall playing experience are smoothly  running and the FPS was maintained at 60. The movement and shooting were processed quickly without any unpleasant delay.Usually, games drains too much power  than normal usage. After playing PUBG mobile an hour, battery dropped from 87% to 66%. It used 21% battery an hour.



From these tests, Mi 9T Pro shows a wonderful performance of battery.  You don’t have to worry about running out of power when you play or work on it . Bedies, AI energy saving mode to automatically can  adjust screen brightness and for activating sleep mode at night.Mi 9T Pro make sure that  users have enough power to last all day, even under heavy usage. so, that is the powerful guarantee when you meet some emergency .That ‘s why i pick it!When charging is needed, the 27W fast charge (not included in-box ) support gets Mi 9T Pro charged up to 58% in just 30 minutes.Are you satisfied with Mi 9T Pro battery life? What do you want to know about Mi 9T Pro? Tell us in the comment below! If you like the Mi 9T Pro, we can recommend the best Mi 9T Pro case or screen protector for you.

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