Will Samsung Galaxy S11 have headphone jack?



It is still several months before the launch of Samsung Galaxy S11 in February 2020. And since new smartphones from biggest manufacturers– like Galaxy Note 10, Huawei Mate 30 and iPhone 11, have finally been released after months of talking, leaks and rumors about the new handset at the beginning of next year are bound to swirl through the remaining time of this year. Top on these rumors include a smartphone-mounted spectrometer that can detect sugar in fruit and may help you lose weight, a powerful 108-MP camera sensor with great capability to capture details, larger in-screen fingerprint sensor which makes it easier to unlock your device. At the same time, much focus may be on the comparison between S11 and its predecessor S10: some upgrades will be made and of course, some functions or components might be removed. For instance, many people will ask, will Samsung Galaxy S11 reserve headphone jack?

The truth is probably disappointing. According to the surveys of Samsung official, 70%, a majority of Galaxy S and Note buyers used Bluetooth instead of headphone jack. It shows that the headphone jack is not that frequently used as it appears. From the perspective of market promotion, on the other hand, losing the jack enables designers to reduce the amount of bezel around the screen,  catering to many who love immersive big-screen experience. Thus for Samsung, it is wise enough to ditch the headphone jack either for the demand of customers or just for itself.

Actually, the fact that newer handsets like Galaxy Note 10 and A80 have both abandoned the jack has made it all but certain that Samsung finally decided to keep pace with other smartphone companies who have already get rid of this iconic audio port. Earlier in 2016, Apple for the first time ditched the port on iPhone 7. And then all other manufacturers started to follow suit. Mi 6, Pixel 3, and the upcoming Galaxy S11. But the good news is, iPhone 7 and its successors all come with a pair of Apple Earpods using the lightning port. And Note 10 also has an AKG USB-C headphone in the box. It is expected that S11 will be bundled with a USB-C headphone or a pair of wireless earbuds as well. Considering some people prefer 3.5mm audio port headphones and others pursue a more convenient listening experience, it is recommended to have a dongle and a quality wireless earbud respectively.

Apple USB-C to 3.5mm Headphone Jack Adapter

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