Best True Wireless Earbuds in 2019



When you are on the way home from a whole-day-work, when you are running in the morning or working out at the gym, when you are taking a walk alone, some unspeakable feeling of boredom or loneliness just envelops you. That’s when you need wireless earbuds to get a fulfilled world without troubles brought by annoying cable.

Recent days, there are so many wireless earbuds to choose from , which makes it really hard to pick which one should for your needs. If you don’t have enough time or patience, here is a quick look for something you really need to consider about. Read it and then just skip to the recommendation part:

1.Priority for Bluetooth 5.0

2.Priority for the brand that have headphone production-background

3.Focus on connectivity, connectivity, or connectivity!


Remember these three rules you would never suffer the bad earbuds. As for earbuds lovers and researchers, you would like to read further. When you choose wireless earbuds, the following stuff is worth being paid attention to:

1. Sound Quality

Driver size

A driver is the primary factor of any speakers. Whenever an electrical pulse is detected, the diaphragm moves up and down, pushing the air column above, making audible vibrations which our ears decipher as the sound. Most of the earbud driver sizes range from 7mm – 12mm.

Frequency Response

In the case of audio devices, the frequency response is a spectrum defining the extreme limits of audio frequencies a speaker can deliver.

The audible limit of human ears range between 20 Hz – 200000 Hz, but there are speakers delivering much wider response range, which can be felt by the ears, adding to an immersive audio listening experience. Based on that, usually you need ensure that the earbud you’re about to purchase covers the basic 20-20000 Hz spectrum. However if you loves bass, devices that have response ranges beginning from less than 20Hz is your choice.

Based on these three rules we get the best wireless earbuds list, which can help you to pick the best of your own.


Sensitivity could decide how loud your speaker can get for a given signal. Sensitivity levels should below 100dB/mW so that it is able to provide loud and clear sound output.

2. Connectivity

Connectivity is the soul of the wireless earbuds. Connectivity also into, connectivity also lost. Only with great connectivity can wireless earbuds bring its superiority into full play, which is why for the priority for Bluetooth 5.0.

3. Battery Life

 Many wireless headphones can run for eight hours or longer before needing a recharge. Well, we have to say nowadays battery life is an unavoidable weakness. When you put the wireless earbuds into your shopping cart, don’t forget about the charger.

4. Comfortable fit

Just like shoes, comfortable fit decide the effectiveness of your earbuds. Generally speaking, the model with ear-clips such as the Sony WF-SP700N will provide extra support and keep the earbuds from falling.

Hot Recommendations:

1.Apple AirPods 2 $179.99


Ease of pairing and sharing
Open the case, hold it up to your iPhone, iPad or Macbook without turning on Bluetooth, and you are connected.

Long Battery Life and Wireless Charge
Provide three hours of listening time after 15 min of charge with the smallest carrying box among the five sets. In addition, they can be charged wirelessly.

Any Finish You want
If you are not quite into the original white finish, you can get almost any finish you want from dbrand.

Lack of passive sound isolation and water resistance.

2.Samsung Galaxy Buds $119.88


Ease of pairing and charging
Connect quickly and easily to Galaxy S10. Charge wirelessly by dropping the case on the back of the phone or put them on a compatible charger. Charge quickly via the USB-C port.

Blocking outside sound
Block outside sound way better than the Airpods because of the ear gels.

Touch panel
Expected touch panel on each ear bud for track and control. You can customize what those taps do including volume control.

Message notification
If you get alert when the phone is in your pocket, the buds can tell you what kind of message it is.

Work well even in rainy days thanks to splash resistance.

Short battery life. 15 min of charge in the case only lasts 1.7 hours.

3.Jabra Elite 65T


Robust app
It gives a bunch of equalizer presets and also allows you to set different modes.

Dust and water resistance
It carries real dust and water resistance ratings from IP 55 all the way up to IP 67.

Bigger case with a clumsy cover. Charges via micro USB instead of the new USB-C. Big buds make it hard to stay comfortable in the ears.

4.Earin M-2 Earbuds $335


Tiny and comfortable
The comply material that makes the phone tips makes them comfortable.

Expected features
Audio path-through, touch controls and splash-resistance.

Long battery life
3.5 hours per charge with a spacious sound stage with the case carrying an extra 10 hours of battery.

Exquisite design
Made of metal and fits in pocket. Slides open and shut with a satisfying metallic clunk.


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