Does Sony Xperia 1 support 4K screen?



Present phone-makers are witnessing a more fierce competition and each of them aims to launch something special. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus takes advantage of its display technology, and Huawei Mate 20 gives a full play to its telecommunication technology. At the 2019 MWC, Sony, as a great power in televisions, cameras and video game consoles, introduced its new flagship Xperia 1. This new phone has a high-definition 4K screen that uses organic light-emitting diode (OLED) technology to provide high-quality images on the screen.

To be frankly, Sony isn’t a stranger to 4K displays. Smartphones with 4K screens aren’t also a new thing but Sony Xperia 1 is the first-ever to use 4K OLED. Some people may remember, the XZ2 Premium has used a 4K display but it moves to 1080p. This time, the new Android phone will use 4K resolution with 3840 x 1644 pixels all the time. Mostly, we only see 4K OLED on TVs but Sony has the capacity to bring such technology to smaller screens. 


This premium display is powered by Sony’s award-winning BRAVIA® TV technologies and it becomes the most important characteristic of Sony Xperia 1. It has a 21:9 aspect ratio, making it one of the first ultrawide mobile displays and perfect for widescreen movies and games. Supported by the Dolby Atmos high-end sound quality software, Xperia 1 could provide a great experience for film-lovers. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to find resources in 4K. Although it can play some films of famous platforms (eg: Netflix ) in 4K, many people said their Xperia 1s will only play these films to 1080p, and Netflix will not show any 4k in the menus.

Besides that, Xperia 1 can shoot 4K HDR movies in accurate colors. With the optical and electronic anti-shake technology, you can make the film stable and smooth even if you move while shooting. This new screen and creator mode could bring the content you shoot to life exactly as it was envisioned.


Is 4K necessary?

After its publishing, it undoubtedly triggers a lot of discussions. There’s a heated question appearing: can the human eye actually see the difference with a 4K display or are manufacturers just using the hype to sell you a more expensive product? According to GSMArena, 1080p is clear enough to identify by human eyes. If you want to feel the differences between them by your eyes, you should be very close to the screen, which is impossible for daily usage.


Moreover, Xperia 1 is equipped with a 3330mAh battery, while the 4K HDR screen is a great power consumer, so it can only be used for one day. In addition, Sony Xperia 1 also canceled the wireless charging function, which is somewhat regrettable. Despite all these doubts, 4K will also be a development trend in the future, high resolution really attracts some specific users. But for normal users, 4K is not a factor that drives you to buy it.


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