How fast Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will be charged


Hot summer is always ready for hot events, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 is expected to launch in August and the rumors has arrived from multi-resource for a while. Forbes revealed that there would be no more physical button and headphone jack on the upcoming Samsung flagship, it would somehow disappoint the core customers of Note series if the rumors are true. The Note range is tagged as a business phone and popular thanks to the practical functionalities, the ditch of headphone jack might be a drawback the old-followings will complain. How about the out-dated 15W fast charging the users had complained for years? Will it be improved since other brands had already done?


Let’s check out how fast other popular phones on the market can be charged so far.

Model Fast Charging speed
OnePlus 7 Pro 30W
Huawei P30 Pro 40W
Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus 15W
Apple iPhone XS Max 15W

Earlier last month a reliable leak source Ice Universe said that Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will embrace a charging speed faster than 25W, while the leak is upgraded to 45W yesterday by a hint of binary number of 45 in decimal. If it’s true the battery charging will not a weakness anymore but a leading advantage in the industry. 

However, even if the 45W super fast charging might be a little unrealistic at least the 25W charging is something we can expect. So far the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G and Galaxy A70 have boasted 25W charging technology, so it’s safe to say that Note 10 will support at least the same charging standard unless it’s willing to take a further step to apply a faster charging standard as Ice universe leaked.

Will the price of Samsung Galaxy S10 drop after Note 10’s release? Most likely yes. Actually the starting price of Galaxy S10 has dropped to $679 at Amazon now, the release price was $899 and it’s already 25% off, the prime day is coming very soon, plus the new Galaxy Note 10 is about to debut, if you are not a cutting-edge tech chaser, it’s a good time to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10 recently. 



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