Does Samsung Galaxy S10 5G support fast charging?


In order to make the 10th anniversary special Samsung released a 5G version along with its stunning flagship Galaxy S10 series. Now it’s available in the South Korean market and ready to go global very soon. Samsung missed a trick by calling the updated smartphone Galaxy S10 5G because basically it implies that it’s only Galaxy S10 with 5G functionality, in fact it’s so far ahead with many improvements on Galaxy S10/S10 Plus.


New Specs:

–25W PD3.0 fast charger in the box, 15W wireless charging, 9W reverse charging

–Non-removable Li-Ion 4500 mAh battery

–6.7 inches Dynamic AMOLED screen

–Quad main cameras, including a TOF camera

–5G network compatible

Yes, Samsung finally ditched the outdated 15W “fast wired charging”, it had not been updated since Galaxy S6 in 2015, so when the Galaxy S10 came out, it disappointed most customers that it still keeps the last-generation charging speed. Samsung Galaxy S10 5G makes it in the right way, bigger screen and new 5G network will undoubtedly consume more power, for a 4500 mAh battery if it doesn’t feature faster charging Samsung would probably lose the game on the current market, especially compared to its main rival Huawei, which just announced its 40W super fast charging on P30 Pro last month.  


When talking about the wireless charging, Samsung is always regarded as one of the leading wireless charging manufacturers, when the Qi standard began to be adopted in the industry, Samsung applied it on Galaxy S6 and kept updated on its successors. 15W wireless charging speed is a new threshold for Android wireless-enabled phones this year, it may be broke by the new iPhone in the next half year, however, with the cancellation of Airpower release, it’s hard to say Apple is still able to renew the wireless charging record in short time.

Since South Korea is currently the only place you can get a Samsung Galaxy S10 5G (it will land on US in May), some YouTube influencers had reviewed the early released models, most of them were amazed by the upgraded shooting effects and charging speed, even though the world might be not totally ready for the 5G yet, it’s however a trend, the carriers around the world had focused on rolling out the next-generation network and started to adjust the data plans to attract more users. Sooner or later we can enjoy faster and steadier 5G connections.

Recommendation of charging accessories:

1.Anker 15W wireless charger $35.99 currently

When it comes to the trust-worthy charging brands, anker is one of them with highly ranks on Amazon. The 15W wireless charging pad is able to boost up the charging speed and knock 40 minutes off of charging time. Just be noted that it requires a compatible QC3.0 wall adapter to output the super fast 15W charging speed, if you wanna get a pack of them, Anker also provides a charging pad + quick wall charger solution.

2. Aukey PD3.0 Power Bank $49.99 currently

It’s super convenient to charge on the go with a power bank, especially a compact one for all devices. Aukey PD3.0 60W power bank is able to recharge Samsung Galaxy S10 5G at full speed and it can juice up PD-compatible notebooks, like MacBook Pro. With 2 USB-A ports, it is also capable of quick charging regular smartphones and tablets.



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