Is Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear smart glasses waterproof?


Along with the launch of Huawei P30 Pro, Huawei released a smart glasses named Huawei × Gentle Monster eyewear. It’s the Huawei’s first smart glasses and they choose to cooperate with Korean luxury eyewear brand Gentle Monster. When wearing it, you can tap the temple of the glasses to answer calls or access the voice assistant. It can replace the earbuds and provide the function of glasses for the myopia or sunglasses at the same time.


If you purchase the kind for myopia, it’s probably that you will wear it daily. Thereupon, it’s important whether Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear is waterproof. Can it survive in a heavy downpour?

Is Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear smart glasses waterproof?

The glasses are IP67 dust and water resistant which means it is totally protected against dust and can be dropped into a body of water up to a meter deep for half an hour. With the highest rating for dust protection, you could certainly take it to the beach, desert or even through a dust storm. And it is also well protected against tiny and fine particles. However, it’s best to clean it thoroughly after exposure to them. Against liquids, IP67 means it’s water-resistant but not water-proof. It will definitely survive a quick splash in the shower or the bathroom and even a quick dip in a toilet or sink. If you accidentally spill coffee or oatmeal on it, it will be able to withstand. And it can also withstand the rain. But as IP67 gadget, it’s impossible to go swimming or diving with you. And the liquid can only be freshwater, seawater is another story. And please notice that never charge the device while it is wet.


What should we do When Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear Fall into Water?

Step 1 – The first thing to do, when the Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear falls into the water, is to pick it from the water immediately. The longer it is soaked in water, the more damage caused to it.

Step 2 – After it’s out of the water, use a tissue or dry towel to dry the surface, but do not try to turn it on.  The power may cause the mainboard to burn.

Step3 – Use a hair dryer to blow the glasses.  Do not make it too hot.

Step4 – Put the desiccant and your Huawei Gentle Monster eyewear in the same enclosure space.

No price has been announced yet, but the glasses will come in several models and are estimated to launch sometime in June or July 2019.

More Waterproof Accessories

1. EasyAcc 24000mAh Waterproof Solar Power Bank with 6A Dual Input and QC Output

Current Price: $51.99is-huawei-gentle-monster-eyewear-smart-glasses-waterproof-EasyAcc-24000mAh-Waterproof-Solar-Power-Bank

  • Waterproof. Dustproof. Shockproof: With an IP66 rating and rugged design, the power bank effectively resists water, mud or bumps in outdoor activities (with waterproof lid closed).
  • Multi-Functional Flashlight: Covering common, flash and SOS lighting modes, it leads you through darkness and emergencies as a lifesaver.
  • Huge Capacity & Quick Charge: 24000mAh rechargeable lithium battery packs 7 charges of an iPhone X, or 6 charges of a Galaxy S8. With combined current of 6A, the power bank supports QC 3.0 quick charge. The 5A type c and QC dual input allow fastest full charge for the power bank itself in 6 hours.
  • Rugged & Safe: Industrial-grade plastic and screws ensure build quality. CE, FCC, RoHS certified. Multiple circuit protection prevents short circuit, over-discharging and over-charging.

2. UE ROLL 2 Wireless Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Current Price: Starts from $78.49


  • Big, bold, beautiful sound: Sound so loud you will have to shout to be heard; 15 percent louder than the original UE ROLL
  • Stretchy, attachable marine-grade bungee: Strap the speaker to your bike, backpack, kayak or wherever else you want to take your music
  • Waterproof: You can submerge UE ROLL 2 in water and it’ll be totally cool (Waterproof for up to 30 minutes and a depth of 1 meter)
  • Lighter than a can of soda: Ultra-portable and so light you will forget you are even carrying it
  • Go farther: 100 ft. Bluetooth wireless range and 9 hr. rechargeable battery life go as long as you can  (Actual wireless range and battery life will vary with use)

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