Do Huawei P30 / P30 Pro have IR blaster and NFC


As we all have expected Huawei has surprised the world with the super cool smartphone P30 and P30 Pro, the China tech giant always takes the lead on innovative camera settings and incredible shooting effect. What about the old features? Like the IR blaster and NFC functions, more and more smartphone makers tend to ditch them, including the headphone jack. While Huawei is one of the old-fashion keepers regarding some so-called ‘useless’ features, however there are still a number of customers who are willing to have them on their smartphones.


Do Huawei P30 and P30 Pro have IR blaster?

No, and Yes. Huawei P30 doesn’t have IR blaster but P30 Pro features it. You can easily find the result by looking at the bottom edge of the phone, the IR blaster is a small circle hole. With IR blaster you can use Huawei P30 Pro as a remote to control TV, Air Conditioner, Music Player, Projectors, Set top box etc. Huawei P30 doesn’t support IR control is a little bit disappointing since its predecessor P20 has it, but anyway P30 has headphone jack back while P30 Pro doesn’t, so it’s nearly a draw.  

does the Huawei P30 or P30 Pro have headphone jack 1

Do Huawei P30 and P30 Pro have NFC?

Yes, both of them features this comm spec, actually these days NFC is nearly in every phone. What is NFC and what can you do with it? NFC is short for Near Field Communication, it’s a method of wireless data transfer and share, you can use it to share contacts, messages, images or even make purchase on the devices that support NFC, like frequently used Apple Pay or Android Pay. It’s really convenient when you use your phone to pay the metro ticket without cash or coins if the metro entrance scanner has NFC supported. Plus, Huawei makes it even better, you can upload your ID card into Huawei Pay and use it as an electronic version in case that you need to check-in without having the physical card.


In fact not only smartphones are NFC enabled on the market, the smartwatches have joined this team as well, the Apple Watch, Huawei Watch, Galaxy Watch. I believe that in the near future NFC will be commonly applied in the wearable devices, technology development and integration will benefit more customers.

Recommendation of Huawei P30/P30 Pro accessories:

1.EasyAcc crystal TPU case for Huawei P30/P30 Pro $7.59


With the new Amber sunrise and breathing Crystal color, Huawei P30 series are shinning your eyes more than ever. EasyAcc TPU case fits and protects your dashing phone in a most unobtrusive way.

  • Custom Made for Huawei P30 Pro—- Ultra clear soft skin shows off natural beauty of your phone’s design, the inner dotted marks prevent air bubbles and watermarks on the clear back of the phone.
  • High-Quality TPU —- Being flexible, clear and light, keeping the phone slim but not bulky, easily to install and remove.
  • Decent Protection —- Protects your phone from scratching, the raised edge around the screen and the camera cutout provide a decent protection.
  • Anti-Slip with One-handed Use —- Anti-slip properties allow you to hold your phone with one hand stably, prevent your phone from slipping out of your hand.
  • Wireless Charging friendly — Huawei P30 Pro supports wireless charging and no need to worry its performance with case on.

2.Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charging Pad, Qi-Certified  $19.99


  • The Anker Advantage: Join the 30+ million powered by our leading technology.
  • A Galaxy of Speed: A high-efficiency chipset provides 10W high-speed charging for Samsung Galaxy. iPhones get a boosted 5W charge at 10% faster than other wireless chargers.
  • Flip It: Charge in landscape orientation while watching videos, or portrait mode for messaging and facial recognition.
  • Case Friendly: Don’t fumble with your phone case. PowerWave transmits charging power directly through protective cases.

3.EasyAcc Wireless Charger Car Mount with Air Vent Phone Holder  $21.99 


  • Quick Charge Supported – ensures continuous wireless high input even when GPS is on, no worries power goes down on the road. (QC 3.0 car charger required, not included).
  • One Hand Operation – slide your phone in and secure in place with two simple motions. All can be done with just one hand hence no interruption on driving.
  • No Drop – phone and the car mount won’t fall off even driving on tough road due to soft rubber made air vent clip, fixed nut and phone holder keep phone+car mount tight, thus your phone and air vents are well-protected.
  • 360° Rotating Phone Holder – Able to set up horizontal and vertical stand angles, more convenient to adjust GPS or to answer calls.


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