How long does it take to fully charge new MacBook Air 2018


Apple introduced a completely new design on its new MacBook Air 2018, 13” screen size, retina display with slimmer bezel, 2 thunderbolt 3/ USB-C ports, up to 16GB RAM, up to 1.5TB of SSD storage space, and starts from astonishing $1,199. Wait, It seems like MacBook Air 2018 is approaching to a higher level close to MacBook Pro, It’s still quite the compelling upgrade for the current MacBook Air owners, while probably the laptop most Mac users or Apple chasers should buy.


One of the upgrade new MacBook Air 2018 has made is the battery life, it’s not a bigger battery than the MacBook Pro but it has the best battery performance of any laptop and the entire Apple’s lineup, how does it make it? Instead of the 15W power-consuming CPU used in the last generation, new MacBook Air 2018 features a 7W CPU which really sips power, this is what helps it achieve that “all-day battery life”, nevertheless, does longer battery life mean longer charging time? How long does it take to charge MacBook Air 2018 from 0 to 100%?

How many Wh does MacBook Air 2018 have?

According to the teardown report provided by iFixit, MacBook Air 2018 has a power plant of 49.9Wh, It’s not the largest battery capacity of slim laptops, but MacBook Air did a good job of keeping hold of its battery while we browsed the web, watched movies and used various apps. Some reviews show that it charges quite slowly, taking a few hours to fully charge from completely empty, is it true?


How long to charge MacBook Air 2018 from flat?

A 30W power adapter and USB-C charging cable come in the box with MacBook Air 2018, theoretically, when you use this original combo, it will take around 49.9Wh / 30 W *80% ( power conversion rate) = 2.1 hours 

Generally speaking, this is an acceptable charging period for a 12-hours running ultrabook, is there any way to speed up the charging? Yes, it’s possible, you can use a higher power-rate adapter to reduce the charging time. For instance, a 61W power adapter can halve the charging duration to about 1 hour.


How to charge new MacBook Air 2018 first time?

Normally the brand new book comes with some starting power, before charging it, you may need to run up the residual power and then top it up with the adapter in the box. Is it necessary to do that? Not really, nowadays most rechargeable batteries are made of Lithium, it only counts the charging cycles rather than charging life. So, just charge your book whenever you would like to.

With new MacBook Air hands-on, you may need a light-weight transparent case to protect your book from scratches and skiddings, i-Blason MacBook Air 13 Inch Case is on recommendation. It fits tight and nice with MacBook Air 2018 and allows complete access to all ports, features, Touch ID, the best seller on Amazon currently.

i-Blason MacBook Air 13 inch case

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