Why iPhone XR doesn’t Feature a Cheap Headphone Jack

iPhone has missed out its headphone jack since iPhone 7, and the new iPhone XR released on Oct.26 is not an exception. But the iPhone box indeed contains an EarPods with lightning connector which can be regarded as a wired headphone.

One natural thing is that the elimination of headphone jack results in new needs for type-c adaptor and Bluetooth headphone. Also, there are earpods for alternative now. Though Apple claims that wireless design makes life simpler, compared with the cheap convenient wired headphones, the wireless Bluetooth one brings pressure to economy and extra work in charging indeed. Though you can also get a new type-c adaptor to reuse the wired headphone, both the adaptor and Bluetooth headphone can be left in somewhere and this experience can be imaginarily awful.

But as everything exists for due reason, the elimination of headphone jack in iPhone also reflects something. Firstly, it does help to protect the phone from dust and water intrusion, making iPhone XR a quality IP67 one. Also, there exists commercial strategy; the missing of headphone jacks will inevitably generate the need for iPhone Bluetooth headphone, type-c adaptor and iPhone earpods. But the main reason may lie in the ultimate space utilization. The cutting of headphone jack releases space for other designs, thereby making the phone more versatile. Here let’s dive into the special aspects iPhone XR shows us.

Among the three phones iPhone released on October 26, iPhone XR comes the cheapest at $749, followed by iPhone XS at $999 and iPhone XS at $1099. Its colors are more attractive than others; yellow, white, coral, black and blue are all available. The LCD display comes at 6.1 inch, smaller than iPhone XS Max at 6.5 inch but bigger than iPhone XS at 5.8 inch. You are expected to play games by it with nice experience. Available for dual SIM card, alternative storage ranges (68GB,128GB,256GB), face ID, iPhone XR is not supportive for expandable storage.

 It also differentiates itself from others in its single 12-megapixel camera, for both iPhone XS, XS Max are dual camera one. As for battery, the official website promises 1.5 hours longer than iPhone 8 Plus, which means that XR is the second powerful phone among the three, surpassed by XS Max and superior to iPhone. What worth mentioning is that iPhone XR, XS and XS Max are available for wireless charging but there is only one single type c lightening port on the body. So you may suffer the problem of charging while using headphone. Though using a wireless charger along with the earpod appears available, wireless charging is indeed too time-consuming. In this case, you’d better buy USB-C adaptors designed with charging and headphone ports, or you can just use Bluetooth headphone instead.

To be concluded, iPhone XR is not designed with a headphone jack. But thanks to the earpods accompanied with the phone, you are allowed to use it without buying extra Bluetooth one and adaptors.


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