Does the iPhone XS Max Need a Screen Protector?



Following the step of iPhone X, two of the Apple flagship phones have adopted OLED display, with the iPhone XS at 5.8 inches and iPhone XS Max at 6.5 inches. As the biggest iPhone ever, iPhone XS Max features the best screen as well. The deeper black, vibrant color and high contrast ratio, all squeeze the screen to be the perfect.

The perfect thing always needs a great protector. To avoid daily scratches and wears, a right screen protector is needed for your iPhone XS Max.


How to choose a right screen protector for your iPhone XS Max?

When option is available more than one, decision gets to be difficult. To choose a right screen protector, you should begin with your purpose. There are basically three types of protector on the market for different purpose. Clear Protector:The most common type which is used to protect your phone screen from scratching; Matte Protector:  More than protecting scratches, it is also anti-glare; Privacy Protector: it limits the angle of viewing so as to protect the contents from others, of course, it is also a shield of your phone screen to avoid daily wear and tear.

But now, there is a type of protector we are more familiar with that is tempered glass protector. Compare to plastic protectors, this type of protector is proved to be more resilient. Despite that tempered glass protector anti scratches, it is also slightly resistant to dropping. This more reliable protector type now has been increasingly popular with its price drops.

When being clear of your purpose, your choice will be narrowed down. Well, the rest thing to do is to search online and make a decision according to the reviews that other buyers left. For the best protector of iPhone XS Max, you can refer to the recommendation from iMore. However, if you are looking for a protector for your iPhone X or Samsung, jump to EasyAcc for a right one.


How to apply a bubble-free protector for my iPhone XS Max?

There are a lot of methods teaching you how to apply a screen protector online. But some of them may hurt your mobile phone, especially when water or chemical liquid are needed. To apply a bubble-free protector is not that difficult when being patient. But still your screen should be in good condition at first. If hairline scratches exist, it is very likely to cause bubbles. So apply a protector immediately when you just buy a new phone.

There is a method that I used just a couple weeks ago and the result turns to be good. If you are finding ways to apply a glass screen for your iPhone XS Max, you can check the video below.


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