Does Apple Pencil Work with iPhone XS Max?



Among the three new iPhones released last month, the iPhone XS Max features the largest ever screen at 6.5-inch. It is little smaller than the 9.7-in iPad, claimed to be its replacement. Apparently, the big iPhone XS Max is not a one-hand phone, considering the convenience, many consumers would ask whether it work with the Apple Pencil. Well, the answer might be disappointing —No.

Does Apple pencil only work with iPad Pro?

If the Apple pencil can’t work with all the new iPhones, then, what else idevices can it work with? It seems many years ago when the co-founder Steve Jobs was in charge of Apple, he mocked at this stylus thing and thought it was unnecessary. But with its success in especially Samsung smartphone, Apple finally brought it to alive in 2015 and made it exclusive to its iPad Pro models. For these years, the Apple pencil was prove to be fine with its fans and even makes iPad Pro attractive to many artists.


However, the pencil’s exclusiveness to “Pro” model has changed a little bit since this year when Apple announced its 6th-Gen iPad on the March. To push iPad go ahead in schools, Apple has made its new iPad compatible with Apple pencil. And this is indeed one of the attractive ways. Therefore, the Apple pencil is supported by both iPad Pro and the 6th-Gen iPad so far.

The Apple Pencil 2.0 will come soon!

It is sure that Apple will hold its second event on Oct. 30 in Brooklyn, New York to release its new iPad Pro, new Macs, and more. It is rumored that the Apple pencil 2.0 will be launched along with the new iPad Pro. The new version of Apple Pencil will be able to connect with Pad Pro nearby automatically, just like AirPods or HomePod, and this might make switching devices more convenient.

If you are interested in the new iPad Pro, you can click here to read more.


Will Apple Pencil work with Next iPhones?

This is a reasonable assumption that in the near future maybe all the new iPhones will work with an Apple Pencil. With the trend that new smartphones are all go to bigger and bigger, there is very likely that we need a pen to help us with the screen. And moreover, the technology of Pencil has been improving, which makes it possible to be an essential partner of our smartphones. Just like Samsung’s S Pen, when it came out with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 it do became one of the most impressive features which made a lot of people change their attitude towards the “unnecessary annoying stick” . Although we are not sure whether the new Apple Pencil will work with the older iPad and iPhones, we still get reasons to believe that might someday there will be an Apple Pencil for iPhone.


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