How to Wireless Charge Apple Watch Series 4

The Apple Watch Series 4 has been released along with the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR in the middle of last month. From outside to inside, it has a great improvement. All new design features with a bigger display and wider curved corners, re-engineered Digital Crown with haptic feedback, and new electrical heart sensor, it is even powerfully capable of ECG. Apple Watch 4 has been built more than a watch and fitness tracker, but also a medical machine which is able to monitor your low and high heart rate and protects the old from some accidents like falling down. But for some new users, they may have questions about the charging methods, after all, the common watches usually come no chargers. Here is a brief guide on how to wireless charge Apple Watch Series 4.

Unboxing your new Apple Watch Series 4, you will see the watch wrapped in a decent case, a magnetic charging cable and a USB power adapter. These are what you need when you recharge your watch.

You will see a red lightning icon on the screen of your Apple Watch when its battery goes low and following the steps below to recharge it.

1.Gently take off your watch and handle it safely.

2.Connect the Apple included a magnetic charging cable with the USB power adapter.

3.Put your Apple Watch on the charger back down. Your Apple Watch will be aligned with the magnetized surface of the charger.

4.Plug the power adapter into a power socket. It starts to charge if you see the green lightning icon on the screen.

5.While charging, your Apple Watch goes into Nightstand mode. And remove it gently when it is finished.

Apple announced its own wireless charger — Airpower— with Apple Watch 3 last year, but it is still out of sight in this year’s launching event. However, there are quite a few third-party wireless chargers on the market which usually can charge both your Qi-enabled phones and your Apple watch. And the ways to charge your Apple Watch are more or less the same, depending on how the wireless charger is designed. Generally, you can just put the watch back down on the charger, or wear the Watch around the charger like you wear it on your wrist. Here come some recommendations.


Zens Apple iPhone/Watch Power Bank

Price: $69.99

This specially made power bank comes with 4000 mAh battery capacity. It can charge your iPhone and Apple Watch simultaneously. Thanks to its slim design, it is portable to carry and also easy to charge.

Studio Proper Apple Watch Stand

Price: $69.95

From the name ,we can tell that the Proper stand is custom made for Apple watch. Compare to the power bank from Zen, this stand is specially made for home or office. It fits your desk well and charges your Watch with no problem.

Wiplabs Apple Watch Wall Charging Stand

Price: $19.99

This is a quite budget wall charger which labels only $19.99. Different from other wireless pad or stand, this charger needs no cable, only plug it into a wall socket and wear your Watch on, then it starts to charge. It is very convenient and saves a lot of spaces.


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