Is It True That Pixel 3 Can Shoot in the Dark Without a Flash

The release of Pixel 3 grasped lots of concerns about the ever-presented camera it carries. It is said to be competitive even compared with iPhone XS and one of the competitive points is that it enables shoot in the dark without a flash. Is it true? Let’s go for something.

Though designed with a single back camera, which seems outdated from the nowadays double back camera, google still outperformed many smartphones and its Pixel 2 successfully rated number 2 in the DXO Mark list of last year. Its camera never lets its fans down as the Pixel 3 is now designed with new functions that even surpassed iPhone XS in some areas.

For example, Pixel 3 indeed enables shoot in the dark without a flash. You can view this picture and make a comparison between iPhone XS and Pixel 3.


Apparently, the second one appears brighter and more vivid. The main cause of the difference lies in the dealing way of light. iPhone XS relies on the high sensitivity of the camera sensor, its light should be neither too bright nor too dark, or else the picture will be less brightened. On the other hand, Pixel relies heavily on algorithms to select the right brightness and color of image taken by the sensor. So it is more flexible in dealing with bright light and darkness and its AI technique helps it to choose the best one among various choices. Here is a picture under the bright artificial light for comparison.

Except for that, Pixel 3 is also good with its Top Shot function. Traditional photographing requires people to stay motionless and keep smiling all the time, the process is actually tortuous for both photographer and the subject. But thanks to Pixel AI technique, it allows the subject to move as natural as they can and the Top Shot feature will detect smiling face and open eyes automatically. It perfectly shortens people’s work time in selecting the good pictures after shooting.

Besides, the digital zoom is another feature that worth mentioning. With this feature you are allowed to get a wider sight closer to your lens let on. We call this feature Super Res Zoom. With your hands shaking and zoom in, the phone will automatically shoot lots of various angle pictures. With AI technique, these pictures automatically compare and mash into a detailed one with vividness. So the fact is that the more shaking of your hands, the more vivid picture it presents. Plus, when you put a pixel on a tripod, it is likely to change the focal distance automatically to grasp more data on the subject; thereby the picture you get will be of wider-angle than its lens supposed to be.

To be concluded, Pixel 3’s camera is indeed outstanding and will undoubtedly bring you happier shooting experience. But considering its high price and old-fashioned single-camera, even normal battery capacity and lack of expandable memory, it still has room in performance improvement.


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