How Many mAh Do the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR Have?

Apple fans who always follow Apple launching details must have found that there is no exact battery capacity is mentioned no matter on its launching stage or its official website. Unlike many other Android phones who will tell you the exact mAh of their phone on its specs, instead, Apple never make it clear, but only lists how long it will last if you do something with your phone such as play video or browsing, or compare it to the last version iPhone to see how longer it can last than that of the last iPhone.

The chart below shows the power and battery of the latest iPhones.

It will be very clear how many hours any of the new iPhone can last on the basis of the experience of using iPhone X or iPhone 8 Plus, however, cases are always that we are not users of the iPhone of last year, then we need a more specific mAh number to tell us that how long the new iPhone might be last.

According to a reliable Chinese confirmation institute’s declaration posting on Mydrivers, the iPhone XS has the smallest battery capacity among the three new models which is only 2658mAh, even smaller than iPhone X which had a 2716mAh pack. This is confusing as Apple claimed that iPhone XS can last 30 minutes longer than iPhone X.

The iPhone XS Max is the largest ever iPhone. Of course, it needs the largest battery to drive its biggest screen. So it’s unsurprising that it has a 3174mAh battery. Little smaller than iPhone XS Max, the iPhone XR comes with a 2942mAh battery, no wonder it is the phone with the most powerful battery life among the three models.   

Apple’s battery is good enough to support daily usage at home though; a power bank is still essential for traveling. To avoid battery dying dilemma, carry a portable power bank around as back-up appears to quite necessary. And here we would like to recommend Easyacc Megacharge Doubin 16750mAh power bank. It can deliver 4 times faster charging than others do with 6A output, which means it can charge your device to 80% in just 35 minutes. For more information, please click Megacharge Dubin.

With iPhone XR equipped with a powerful battery and also a lower price, will it be the most popular iPhone this year? What’s your idea?


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