Is iPhone XS Waterproof Rated IP68?


Apple announced its new iPhones on Sept. 12 at Steve Jobs Theater, Cupertino. This is Apple’s big event every year in which people around world waits for its new iPhones debut. This year, Apple unveiled three models named iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max (which is the plus version of XS), and iPhone XR. As the standard flagship, iPhone XS looks very similar to iPhone X, but there do come obvious change in its IP rating.


iPhone XS is upgraded to IP68 rating waterproof. And it is reported to withstand 2m depth water in 30 minutes. Compared to the water-resistant ability of 30 minutes in a depth of 1m in iPhone X and iPhone 8, it has been improved a lot.

However, what does IP 68 actually mean? After all, the new released Samsung Galaxy S9 also rated IP 68; does this mean that iPhone XS and Samsung Galaxy S9 have the same capability to protect water from the phone?

The answer is “no”. In fact, iPhone XS is more capable of water-resistance than Samsung Galaxy S9. It is easy to see in their official explanations where point out that the Galaxy S9 can only be water-resistant in depth of 1.5m up to 30 minutes while iPhone XS is winner to be waterproof in depth of 2m up to 30 minutes. Here you may be want to ask what the IP rating refers to.


“IP”is the abbreviation of “Ingress Protection”, it refers to the technology of resistance to dust and water. While the numbers not number follow the “IP” stands for protection level. The first number is used to measure the resistance to dust, with the number higher, the powerful it is. The highest level in dustproof is “6”. And the second number presents how capable your device is to be resistant to liquid, usually refers to water. The same as the first umber, the higher number refers to better protection, and “8” is the highest number, so far.

However, different devices with the same IP rating do not mean that they are equal in water resistance, because each IP level represents a range of protection. The maximum level can be offered depends on the OEM. While most OEMs offer a depth Ingress Protection of anywhere between 1-1.5m for up to 30 minutes for their IP 68 certified devices. IPhone XS seems to have made a breakthrough on this to enable a depth up to 2m.

iPhone XS is rated IP68 waterproof — a powerful level of protection, however, it does not mean that you can submerge your brand new iPhone into water and expect it as what as it was. The IP technology is built to avoid accidental water splashing instead of experiment. To some extent, it will remand of you the possible danger that water can damage your phone, so you will be more careful if it is raining while


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