Best Power Banks for Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy S series as well as Note series are currently the bestselling Android smartphones around the world. The battery of newest Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is upgraded enough to use for a day. But even the battery is larger, it’s also limited. If you’re one of those users who need to stretch Note 9’s battery as much as possible in a single day, that’s where a portable power bank will always be helpful. If you are looking for the best power bank for your new Galaxy Note 9, we have a worth investing list of best power banks for Samsung Galaxy Note 9 here for you.

RAVPower 26800mAh Portable Charger


RAVPower 26800mah is the most expensive one on this list. Nevertheless, it’s worth the money if you are looking for a power bank that can get you through a few days. Besides the Note 9, it’s capable of charging a Nintendo Switch while it is being played.

Upgraded iSmart 2.0 automatically detects and adjusts the charging current to obtain the fastest charging; advanced Panasonic IC for safer and better conductivity. And if you recharge the 26800mAh battery through the Type-C port just needs 4-5 hours (compared to the standard 14 hours). The Type-C output reaches up to 30W that matches the original AC MacBook charger, so you can charge all devices including a MacBook in no time.

Anker PowerCore+ 20100mAh Portable Charger

Anker is a well-known accessory manufacturer for mobile devices that earned a place on this list of best power banks for Galaxy Note 9. PowerCore 20100 is one of the first portable chargers to utilize USB-C input and output. It has a smooth design to hold in the palm of your hands. Aluminum-alloy casing holds components that are capable of providing USB-C output to Galaxy Note 9, with PowerIQ high-speed charging technology.

Despite its massive capacity, PowerCore+ can be fully recharged in 8 hours by a 2.4A charger and the included USB to USB-C cable. That’s 20% faster than a typical charger of similar capacity. The realization of a vision to provide one of the fastest, most durable and streamlined charging experience possible.

EasyAcc 20000mAh Power Bank

The EasyAcc 20000mah is a great option that allows simultaneous and fast charge 4 devices with a total 6A Output (up to 3A per port). The green smart port supports Quick Charge (up to 18W). The independent Type-C input and output provide one-way charge, protect your Note 9 from current flow backward while charging.

Charging times are very fast when using this, full recharge it in 4.5 hours which 2.5 times faster than other portable chargers. It’s time-saving for on the go charging if you want a great portable charging experience for your Note 9.

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