The New S Pen of Samsung Galaxy Note 9


Samsung separates its Note series from other smartphones with the retro styling of S Pen since the year of 2011. This year, with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, it presents us a brand new world to define the slim stylus.


By integrating the Low Energy Bluetooth into the S Pen, people can do much more with it than just a plastic note-taking pen can do before. New functions of the new S Pen are really amazing, read on to see what actually you can do to extend the possibility of a pen with only one single button.


Using S Pen as a Clicker

If you are a worker who are always busying in preparing for your next presentation, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 with its S Pen will be your solution of bringing laptop and clicker everywhere you doing presentation. Downloading your PPT into your smartphone, connect it with the project, and just one simple click to advance your next slide and a quick double-click to back into the last slide. Thanks to the Low Energy Bluetooth, the S Pen has upgraded into a remoter not just a pen for doodling.

Using S Pen as a Bluetooth Selfie Stick

Love selfie like anyone else with so many selfie photos in their gallery? With S Pen, you can just put your phone anywhere you want and launch the camera app by long press the button on the S Pen and capture snaps by a simple click. Just forget the scenario that you have to stretch your hand as long as you can to put all your friends into the frame. Holding S Pen in your hand, you can even switch different modes without ruining the positions that your friends are already ready for shot.


Using S Pen to Play/Pause Music & Videos

Although it’s not a common scenario that someone will play music or videos from their smartphone by clicking the S Pen, however, it will be much more popular if they can do it when watching a video in a bigger screen. This means you can just click the S Pen button to play/pause the track when your phone is charged lying far away from you, no need to run over to your phone and tap on the screen!


More to expect with SDK

According to the launch event in August 9, the S Pen was released to the developer which allows for the integration of S Pen into various apps. In this case, maybe we can expect some of the new functions of S Pen we even don’t know yet in the later years.


The new S Pen is really a best-ever version of stylus, with the powerful functions that the Bluetooth gives it to, you may worry about its battery capacity. While, although it can only last for 30 minutes equaling to around 200 clicks, it can be fully charged in just 40seconds back into the dock.

So, being convenient, creative, and practical that is what Samsung built about S Pen.


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