Will iPhone finally support dual sim cards in 2018


While the 2018 iPhone models are on their way, the rumor mill is inundated with what they could possibly pack. The rumor about a possible dual-SIM iPhone model to be released this year is spread everywhere. Does Apple finally hear our heartfelt wishes? Will one of 2018 iPhone finally support dual SIM?


9to5mac found the evidence that dual-SIM may possibly appear on new iPhone. They were taking iOS 12 developer beta 5 out for a test drive and noticed something interesting in diagnostic report generation. It includes new references to “second SIM status” and a “second SIM tray device”. It clearly indicates that iOS is being updated to run in a future device with support for two SIM cards. And the phrase “second SIM tray” is an indication that there would be in fact two physical SIM cards instead of a regular one and an e-SIM as the second.

The newest report on Economic Daily News(a site from Taiwan) has suggested the physical dual-SIM will be available in a version of the 6.1-inch LCD iPhone which is an exclusive version to China. In this report, Foxconn employees suggest that Apple is producing four unique model numbers(801,802,803,804) for the upcoming iPhones. It suggests that 801 and 802 correspond to the 5.8 and 6.5-inch iPhone, while the latter two numbers are for separate 6.1-inch LCD iPhone, hinting at the extra two SIM model. 

If this is the plan, though, it is not clear why Apple is not also producing a 6.5-inch iPhone with physical dual-SIM dual standby functionality for China, as plus-sized iPhones are highly popular in the country. 

With no doubt, dual-SIM phones are very popular in Asia, especially in China, but there are also other markets that will welcome dual-SIM models. Therefore, the dual-SIM phone will probably find its way to other markets, but not every market the iPhone is currently in.

What’s your opinion to iPhone’s dual-SIM phone? Leave your comments below to share with us.

Recommended Dual-SIM Phone

1. OnePlus 6


The OnePlus 6 doesn’t have everything you could possibly want on a smartphone, but it does offer an unrivaled level of bang for your buck.

If you really want things like waterproofing and wireless charging then you’ll need to spend more, which is fine if you have the budget. But for most people, the OnePlus 6 is simply a steal with amazing design, build quality, specs, and performance at an affordable price.

2. Huawei P20 Pro


In the P20 Pro Huawei has delivered a stunning phone which should be on your shortlist along with the Galaxy S9 and iPhone X. Sure, there are some niggles such as the lack of stabilisation for 4K video, no headphone jack, and no wireless charging,but if your priority is photography then the P20 Pro does not disappoint.

Add in the long battery life, dual SIM slots, and great screen and you’ve got the complete package: this is one of the best phones of 2018.

It’s a fair amount more than the regular model so save yourself £200 on the regular P20 if you don’t mind ‘only’ dual rear cameras, no waterproofing and an LCD screen vs OLED.

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