Is HTC U12 Plus Waterproof

Is HTC U12 Plus Waterproof-1

HTC has won a good reputation in the past two years for its U10 and U11. Now, it has announced U12 — a new flagship of 2018. It is revealed to come in with no notch in design and sense edge equipped in its slim bezel, 3500mAh battery and impressive 4 cameras. In addition to these top-considered features, IP rating or waterproofing function has been another heat point we would like to discuss about nowadays.

HTC comes with IP 68 rating in its U12 Plus which is not new to see in recent released smartphones. But most of us know little about IP rating except that it represents your smartphone is water resistant. What is IP? And what heck is IP68? Here comes an explanation.

IP is an abbreviation of “Ingress Protection”, a rating that indicates how the object can be resistant to solid and liquid objects. When it comes to smartphone’s IP rating, it normally implies how it could be resistant to dust and water.

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Generally, we will see two numbers following “IP”, the most common IP rating is 67 and 68. Then what exactly do these numbers mean?

The numbers here do not represent one number, but each number indicates different things. The number “6” is an index that used to imply the degree of resistance to solid object and it is the highest rank in dust tight for smartphones. While “8”, obviously, is an index that evaluate how your smartphone can be resistant to liquid object (usually implies water). The waterproof rating is shown by numbers from 0-8, with bigger numbers equaling better protection. If your smartphone equipped with IP68, then it means it can be submerged into water for 30 minutes at depth of up to 1.5 meters.

According to HTC official statement, except for the power IP 68 water and dust proof rating, the use of digital button also contributes to a better effect of water and dust resistance. It seems very easy to understand that less ports and buttons reduce opportunities to put foreign objects into your phone.

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However, a reliable IP rating does not mean that you could torture your phone with frequent shower or even put it in salt water. It only means that it will be ok if you have to walk with your phone in the rain, or accidentally drop your phone into toilet. By the way, you’d better not try to submerge your phone into deep water only for fun. Although rescue insurance would be helpful, it will be another complex situation.

The design and camera, storage and battery, IP rating and other features everything in HTC looks not bad, while the hands-on review of HTC U12 by Tech Advisor is not as good as we expected, which called it a smartphone disappointment of 2018 with only 3.5 marks. Maybe it’s just because of the fierce competitions among smartphones, or HTC U12 Plus indeed exists many bugs and gimmicks. Let’s wait, time and the market will tell the truth.


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