Does Oppo Find X have face unlock? Or fingerprint scanner?


Oppo has launched its 2018 flagship smartphone from the Oppo Find series on 19 June 2018. It features a different design from traditional smartphones, a mechanic pop-up camera, which contains all the front and back cameras. Thanks to this magical trick, Oppo Find X has a 93.8% super full screen. On such a compact body, some function must be canceled. Does it have popular face unlock or fingerprint scanner? How can we unlock it? Let’s find.


Does Oppo Find X have a fingerprint scanner?

Oppo had to make a few compromises to go with the new design. And we noticed that it does not come with a fingerprint sensor. There is no physical fingerprint scanner button on its chin, back or side frame, or under-glass fingerprint sensor. You don’t have the choice of unlocking your Oppo Find X with your fingerprint. 

Does Oppo Find X have face unlock?

Oppo Find X canceled the fingerprint recognition just like iPhone X. And instead, it applied 3D Facial recognition technology, which some people might think as a Face ID clone. It’s called O-Face Recognition, it makes use 3D structured lighting tech to scan 15K facial points. The sensors working for O-Face Recognition are built in the motorized pop-up camera as well. Youtuber Marques Brownlee praised Oppo Find X’s facial recognition and said it’s pretty fast and possibly even faster than Face ID. When you use its face unlock, the camera will pop up and go back down in about half a second. Although it’s pretty quick, if you set up the facial recognition for phone unlock, it means the motorized piece will move up and down for hundreds of times during a day. Some people start to doubt that how long it can last under such frequent using. 


The second problem founded by Youtuber ben’s gadget review is that the face unlock isn’t supported in some apps, such as LastPass and Google Play Store, and Oppo Find X doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner, therefore you have to input your password word by word. And some bank apps and payment apps don’t support Oppo Find X’s face unlock, too. It’s inconvenient and may be annoying in some circumstances.  

However, these problems can’t change our mind. Oppo Find X is still a phone deserve to buy in 2018 for its 93.8% full screen, notch-free and stylish pop-up camera. 

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