What Can You Do with Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Bluetooth-enabled Pen?

What can you do with Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Bluetooth-enabled Pen?-4

What can you do with Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Bluetooth-enabled Pen?-1

Packing a stylus, sometimes make it more convenient to make full use of today’s big-screen phones. Although it has been disliked by many people who think it is unnecessarily equipped on the phone. However, as the increase of screen size make one-handed typing much more difficult than before; a stylus seems to be necessary again. For this case, here may be a reason for you to give Samsung Galaxy’s Note 9 a chance if you are accidentally considering updating your smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will come with a Bluetooth-enabled stylus

It’s not surprise that Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be equipped with a stylus as it is the tradition of Samsung’s Note series. However, it is the first time that it claimed to be featured with a Bluetooth-enabled pen. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will release on 9th August in Brooklyn, different to its debut before, this time the Bluetooth stylus will be another star equally important to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

What can you do with Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Bluetooth-enabled Pen?-3

Rumors about Note 9’s Bluetooth-included pen

A traditional pointy little pen may make all of your screen interactions smoother and more intuitive and of course more accurate than your index finger. Let alone that Samsung has added some special functions to its stylus since Note 8 such as draw your own emojis, swipe over a video to create an animated GIF, scribble notes on the lock screen, and translate text on screen.

Now, you can expect a Bluetooth-included stylus in Samsung Galaxy Note 9, which means that you can treat it as a controller to remotely control your smartphone. Although nothing has been assured about its functions, according to leaker Ice Universe what claimed before, we can know that the stylus at least could control the music playback and timers.

What can you do with Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s Bluetooth-enabled Pen?-4

What do we expect to S Pen

When comes to a remote controller, we can always relate it to much more things than traditional stylus. Expect the writing and drawing functions, we hope that the new S Pen, as a remote controller can help to take pictures especially when selfie. In this case it could serves as a selfie stick, and with it, there will be no more hands holding a stick show up in the picture. And also it will be an awesome tool to shoot group pictures.

What’s more, we are guessing the S Pen may be able to connect with other Bluetooth devices and make more functions come true. An ambiguous new feature can always extend our imaginations. But things can only be told on the day when it is released. So let’s wait!

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