Best Gaming Headset for PS4



Gaming, a pleasing invention, has entertained many of us in the boring daily life. While, except the exciting games itself, we need accessories like consoles, headsets and more to help us immersive in a real gaming experience.

Before you dive into a sea of headset, let’s first look at how to choose a quality headset for your PS4.

As there are so many headsets with different quality and types existing in the market, it’s better to list your needs before heading for one. And here are some basic tips that may help you out the hard-to-choose dilemma.


Consider the platform you play games on

The game platform you prefer to play game on is the priority you should consider. Headset usually comes with different platforms. Make sure that it is compatible with your PC, PS4 or Xbox, otherwise, no matter how great the headset is, it will be nonsense if it can’t work with them.

Sound Quality

Sound quality, to some extent, is the key reason why you head for a gaming headset. You need a quality sound to help you experience the games like it is happening in the real world. An excellent headset should provide with good “bass” but also support noise cancellation so that you could be engaged in gaming without interruption from outside world.

Wired or wireless

It seems everything has been going wireless. Wireless is great! It frees you from tangled cords, presenting you a much tidier gaming environment. However, there is always a slim chance that you forget to charge it, and drive you crazy when it dead in the middle of your fighting. To avoid this situation, you can either choose to give up wireless or never forget to recharge it. Wired headset with a long cord sometimes get in the way though, it is power-off-free, and it won’t meet problem like interference while gaming. So going wired or wireless is more a question related to personal taste.


Whether microphone equipped or not

Microphone is for chatting with your teammate while gaming. If you are a gamer who like to fight with team work then choose a headset with microphone.

Is it comfortable to wear?

Most of us are easy to lost in the gaming world and forget the time. If you tend to play games for hours constantly, the comfort of your headset is something you should first to consider. Check the headband size. Is it adjustable and suitable for you? How about its on-ear pads? Whether they are soft enough and fit your ears?

What you can buy?

After equipped yourself with some what-to-buy knowledge, here comes a few worth-buying headset.

EasyAcc Virtual Surround Sound USB Gaming Headphones

The mission of EasyAcc headphone is to help you experience more he reality of games. The quality 7.1 surround sound never let you miss out any simulated gaming sound, giving you the vividness of battlefield. Use its on-cable button to control volume up and down, microphone switch and vibrations. It is a good partner companying you with any of your gaming time.

EasyAcc Stereo Gaming Headphones with Powerful 40mm Driver

 Driver size matters a lot for sound quality. This powerful 40mm driver is one of the best options that could meet all your needs as a gaming headset — impressive stereo sound, comfortable wearing and easy-to-reach functions.



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