May I Use Apple Pencil on iPhone?



Apple comes with its new iPad and iPad pro supporting with Apple pencil. It is always a nice tool for jotting down notes, painting a watercolor, or making up an email. While for most Apple fans, here comes an apparent question for them — Can Apple pencil be used on iPhone? Although it can always be served as an optional tool, it’s still an excellent option which enables us to reach for convenience. There have been many rumors claim that Apple plans to add Pencil compatibility to a future iPhone. But apparently, the new iPhone released in 2017 were not designed to support Apple pencil.


If you are an iPhone user, would you use Apple pencil with a compatible iPhone? To get the answer, a poll was run by 9to5Mac and turned out that there were a third of participants interested in using the Apple Pencil with an iPhone. As the majority of you are at least open to the idea, so it is very possible for us to see 2019 iPhone supporting with Apple pencil.

Actually, there are some styluses from third party producers can be well compatible with smartphones and definitely they support iPhone. If you think it is necessary for you to plunk some money on a stylus pen, then here are some recommendations for you.


MEKO Universal Stylus ($14.98 on Amazon)

It assembles a pen but achieves more than what a pen can bring to you. MEKO is universally compatible with all capacities touch screen devices such as iPhone, iPad and iPod. It is well designed for taking notes and drawing apps. What’s better, it comes with a replaceable tip which can extend lifetime of the stylus.

UROPHYLLA Stylus Pen ($8.69 on Amazon)

This stylus pen is built in black or silver mental body which makes it stylish to match whatever your phone or tablet. Ball pen designed on the other side, you can twist the stylus pen body to extend the pen for whatever you want to write. While, with an exquisite soft rubber tip, you needn’t to worry that it may scratch your screen. Most importantly, it only costs $8.69 which is much cheaper than Apple pencil priced $99.


However, if you insist to support Apple pencil, you can expect to its new patents, among which the most recent one even has been reported to bundle with a 2019 iPhone. From 9to5Mac, we can read its quotations from the report in The Investor, saying that:

“Apple is preparing to launch the phone as early as 2019”. “It is also in talks with a couple of stylus makers for a partnership”

So it seems that an Apple pencil which can be used on an iPhone screen will come to life soon!



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