Will there an Apple iPen come with the new iPhone 2018?

When Steve Jobs presented the ever first iPhone in 2007, he mocked the fiery stylus on the stage ” Who wants a stylus? ” However, 11 years have passed, and the stylus has been used up. Apple has already applied Apple Pencil on the iPad Pro line for years. According to CNET reports, on the iPhone X Plus this year, we may see a stylus called iPen. 


Nobody wants a stylus, so let’s not use a stylus. People used this famous Jobs’ saying to complain about the high price, fast forward to 2015 Apple Pencil’s debut. It was designed for the iPad Pro in the very beginning, earlier this year, Apple broadened the Pencil’s reach to include the new iPad too. Does Apple really plan to broaden the Apple Pencil’s reach even to the next iPhone 2018? The question became quite interesting starting with a slip of tongue by Tim Cook, he talked that he had used two together.

Therefore, is Apple going to build a new smaller stylus iPen especially for the next iPhone, or whether it’s just extending the support of current existing Apple Pencil on iPhone instead. Literally both ways are possible, if Apple would release the larger screen-sized iPhone X Plus as rumors said, a customized iPen for it seems more likely to be ture, otherwise the current Apple pencil is way too big for the best iPhone X of Apple, it’s unmatched with the sense of  beauty which Apple kept pursuing.  


Apart from that, one thing is for sure, customers will have to buy the Apple iPen separately  from iPhone, it will not be included in the box. Similar to the airpods, don’t expect Apple will lower its profit margin to encourage you to accept its innovative add-ons. iPhone X has already reached a peak of high-cost phones, no doubt the next iPhone in 2018 will be superior and more expensive.

It’s getting increasingly difficult to get more innovation for smartphones, Samsung didn’t take much leap on its S9 line, Apple did make some difference on its iPhone X, but not revolutionary as its iPhone 4 line. Probably, adding a stylus might give customers a fair reason to upgrade, but according to the sales data of Samsung Galaxy Note 8, I’m not that optimistic for it.




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