Samsung Galaxy S9 vs Samsung Galaxy S9+: Does Galaxy S9 better than Galaxy S9+?

Whether it is Apple or Samsung, although secrecy increases at different levels, the high degree of attention has made their flagship appear to be nowhere in circulation before released. A few days ago Samsung formally announced the Galaxy S9 and S9+ two new generation of the flagships at MWC 2018. For consumers,  which flagship is better? Does Samsung S9 better than Samsung  S9+?

Once upon a time, Samsung had represented the highest photographer level of Android phones, but in the past two years, many other companies have been caught up. So this time Samsung add the use of a wider range of fast multi-frame synthesis technology, the use of unique dual-core sensor technology instant synthesis of 12 photos, improve the performance of the details.

Some Samsung S9 and S9+ equipped with Snapdragon 845, the performance of Snapdragon 845 is similar with Exynos 9810. Snapdragon 845 processor using advanced 10nm process, Kryo385 eight-core customed and its main frequency up to 2.8Ghz. Compared to Snapdragon 835, Snapdragon 845 CPU performance increase of 25%, 30% GPU performance improvement and power consumption reduction of 30%. What’s more, upgrade integrated X20LTE modem and the evolution of artificial intelligence technology make it become one of the strongest flagships CPU in 2018.

From the configuration comparison point of view, the difference between Samsung S9 and S9+ lies in the screen size, storage, rear camera, battery capacity and price. The battery capacity difference is caused by the screen size, and the storage difference is not large. Specifically, the difference between the Samsung S9 and S9+ mainly lies in the screen size, storage, rear camera, and the price. Then let’s distinguish the differences.


1, Screen size

Both Samsung S9 and S9+ are full-screen design and 2960×1440 pixels, the panels are Super AMOLED full screens. The different place is just the screen size, S9+ screen is larger than the S9 screen 0.4 inches. It is worth mentioning that, Samsung S9 and S9+ screen ratio of 18.5: 9 design, and we are familiar with the full-screen mobile phones mostly are 18: 9, which means that the Samsung S9 and S9+ more slender than most full-screen mobile phones.

2, Storage

The storage of Samsung S9+ is larger than the S9, the former is 6GB, while the latter is 4GB. For now, the storage of top Android phones generally reached the 6GB level, or even 8GB. In this regard, S9 is slightly conservative.

3, Rear camera

Samsung S9 and S9+ front camera are 8 million pixels, equipped with F1.7 aperture, bringing a better selfie-experience. In the aspect of rear camera, S9 has 12 million single camera with F1.5 aperture, and S9 + on this basis, but also added a 12 million pixel with F2.4 aperture-assisted telephoto camera to support real-time blurring, double depth of field mode, HDR and other functions, bringing a better camera experience. Obviously, from the camera point of view, the Samsung S9+ is now equipped with more popular dual camera, supports portrait mode, dual-core focus and other functions, the main camera experience is better than S9.

4, Price

As we usually know, the bigger the screen, the higher the price. Samsung S9 and S9+ are no exception. The price of Samsung S9 and S9+ are $719 and $839 separately. Is it worth to make the price difference? Probably depends on your daily demands.

If the iPhone X is Apple’s innovation for past few years, then the Samsung S9 and S9+ is the renovation of Samsung. Whatever you are going to buy an S9 or S9+, they are both the gadgets to cater the current trend.

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