How often to Qi wireless charge your iPhone X


iPhone X, 8 and 8 plus support Qi wireless charging, which brings a totally new lifestyle to Apple fans. Instead of taking 2 seconds to plug in a cable, just put your iPhone X on a charging pad and it starts to be refilled. How elegant and convenient it is. Although it is effortless to Qi charging a new iPhone, people, who want to prolong the health of their iPhone X, raise a question that how often to Qi charge their iPhone X. How to choose a wireless charging pad for your iPhone 8 or iPhone Xhow-often-to-qi-wireless-charge-your-iphone-x

How often to Qi charge your iPhone X?

Drop it off on the charging pad whenever you get a chance or just charge it when the battery percentage is low? Comparing to wired charging, Qi charging is just a wireless charging style, not much difference. To find the answer, we should learn from the battery characteristics of iPhone X/8/8P, in other words, characteristics of the lithium-ion battery. Best Wireless Charger for iPhone X and iPhone 8

The lithium-ion battery works on ion movement between the positive and negative electrodes. In theory, such a mechanism should work forever, but cycling, elevated temperature and aging decrease the performance over time. Manufacturers take a conservative approach and specify the life of Li-ion in most consumer products as being between 300 and 500 discharge/charge cycles.” – Battery University website

According to information offered by Cadex on its Battery University website, there are several charging principles you should follow. 

One test done by them shows that all 11 packs started at a capacity of 88–94% and decreased to 73–84% after 250 full discharge cycles. “Similar to a mechanical device that wears out faster with heavy use, the depth of discharge (DoD) determines the cycle count of the battery. The smaller the discharge (low DoD), the longer the battery will last.”   They suggest that “If at all possible, avoid full discharges and charge the battery more often between uses. Partial discharge on Li-ion is fine. There is no memory and the battery does not need periodic full discharge cycles to prolong life.” Therefore, the best way to charge your phone is a little at a time, whenever you have a chance.

And don’t fully discharge your phone before charging it. Use your phone until only a small portion of its battery life is left, so-called deep discharge, will wear down your battery. Meanwhile, never fully charge your battery, and particularly not from a low charge level. Charging your phone’s battery from 25% or pretty much any amount to 100% can reduce its capacity and shorten its lifespan. Because a high voltage stresses the battery and wears it out in the long run. As a conclusion, it’s better to keep your battery level between 65% and 75%. If cannot, 45% and 75% is okay. 

And leaving your phone charge overnight will wear out the battery life as well. It will keep charging your phone’s battery to 100%. Don’t charge your phone overnight.

If I knew these principles earlier, there may be no need to make a reservation for battery replacement service for my iPhone 6. Hope they will help you. 

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