Something you need to know on Airpower : Multi-device wireless charging pad of Apple

Apple Airpower was launched in the iPhone X event, which is the wireless charging pad under the big name Apple and specifically designed for Apple wireless charging capable multi-devices, iPhone, Apple watch, airpods charging case so far. The release date and price of Apple Airpower wireless charging pad is not confirmed yet, the interval of $120-$199 is predicted by most media.


What is Apple Airpower? 

Apple Airpower is a wireless charging pad using the Qi standard, which is not new on Android phones for years, but Apple is bringing its own spin to the tech, and customizing it for its latest batch of devices. Apple Airpower wireless charging pad is able to let you power up your iPhone, Apple Watch 3 and Airpods all at the same time. Well, if you are an enthusiastic Apple fanboy, undoubtedly you would not miss any new released Apple device, and Apple Airpower is a perfect solution for charging them wirelessly. With using Airpower, there will be a specific charging interface display, as showed in the video below.

What device is compatible with Apple Airpower?

iPhones: iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X so far, and upcoming iPhone SE 2 mostly likely.

Apple Watch: Apple Watch 3 GPS, Apple Watch 3 GPS+Cellular

Airpods: New Airpods charging case

Others: Rumor has it that Apple Airpower is capable of charging all Qi-enabled devices, primarily most new Android phones. If it’s true, Apple Airpower is friendly to other branded devices, not only limited to the Apple users. 

How much is Apple Airpower?

Not confirmed yet, but might be around $199, as Polish online retailer X-Kom’s website launched the Apple Airpower wireless charging pad at 999 Zlotych, it cannot be purchased yet, but the price is a clue. If the final price is higher than $120, I don’t think it’s a good price. There are bunch of branded and more affordable Qi wireless charging pads on the market, like the popular Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad [$59 At Amazon] , mophie 7.5W Wireless Charge Pad [$59 At Amazon] and RAVPower Fast Wireless Charger [$44.99 At Amazon].

More options of Qi-enabled wireless chargers please check here.


How does Apple Airpower work?

Apple Airpower is more than a wireless charging pad, other than a pad, it’s more appropriate to call it a wireless charging system. In fact it can be regarded as the control center of all charging devices, help the communication and management of charging speed and power consumption between them, this is exactly what Phil Schiller said on stage. The technology of Qi is not new, but the power management concept is quite impressive, let’s wait and see whether the customers will buy it or not when the Apple Airpower is released in 2018.

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