How About iPhone X OLED Screen

As we know, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are LCD screen, while the iPhone X is Apple’s first iPhone with the OLED screen. Apple expressed that the OLED screen is tailor-made for the iPhone X. So, what is the characteristic of this Apple’s OLED screen?


This is Apple’s first attempt at OLED display technology on smartphones. Before the release of iPhone X, we all know that Apple’s OLED screen from Samsung, and certainly not use the Samsung OLED screen directly, not even the same screen of S8 or Note 8. To this end, Samsung provides an independent team of about 200 people, specifically engaged with Apple to meet the customization of Apple’s OLED screen.

As a result, we finally saw that Apple had adopted a full-size on the screen that was harder to incise than the Samsung S8 screen. According to the words of Apple, this screen especially made to meet the standard OLED screen of iPhone X design, with high contrast, high resolution and excellent brightness, it can show the true deep black, accurate and colorful display, and superior color accuracy enables HDR display.

Ultra-high Contrast

About the ultra-high contrast, Apple’s standard is 1000000: 1 contrast. Obviously, the unparalleled contrast OLED screen is the most prominent and undoubted features. Due to there is no LED backlight layer, it can show the most natural black. And for high resolution, the iPhone X’s OLED reaches 2436 x 1125 pixels at the Super Retina level and has a pixel density of 458 PPI.

Outstanding Brightness

Outstanding brightness refers to the maximum screen brightness of 625 nits (cd / m2). Regarding the brightness, comments have pointed out that how to maintain a nearly uniform vision between LCDs and OLEDs in the iPhone this year. Now Apple’s answer is: The original OLED can lower 700 + nits brightness reduction in order to maintain the same brightness. How do you think this approach? However, since Apple said it can achieve HDR (high dynamic range) display and support Dolby Vision and HDR10 two criteria, it shows that the peak brightness ensures HDR to reflect the real effect, and what the value of number is still to be measured.

Color Accuracy

As for color accuracy, for Apple’s professional original screen color calibration level without worry, Apple moved the excellent LCD color management system to the OLED. Regardless of what the color mode is, iPhone X can automatically display the corresponding format. So, when you are watching videos or images on the iPhone X screen, the content that creators want to express can be accurately passed to your eyes through the OLED screen.


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