How About iPhone X OLED Screen

As we know, the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus are LCD screen, while the iPhone X is Apple’s first iPhone with the OLED screen. Apple expressed that the OLED screen is tailor-made for the iPhone X. So, what is the characteristic of this Apple’s OLED screen?    This is Apple’s first attempt at OLED displayContinue reading “How About iPhone X OLED Screen”

What to do When your iPhone Screen Goes Black

“OMG! My iPhone screen goes black! What’s wrong with it?I restarted it, but didn’t work”. Have you ever met this problem? Take control of your anxiety and panic at first. Let’s find what it means when your iPhone freezes and the screen goes black. At very beginning, we have to know what causes the iPhoneContinue reading “What to do When your iPhone Screen Goes Black”