How to fix iPhone X battery percentage bug


An iPhone X buyer, SJLee07, left a comment about his or her iPhone X battery percentage stuck on

My iPhone X battery percentage gets stuck while charging above 90%. it charges normally up till around 90% and it starts to slow down and get stuck at certain percentages. I’ve had it stuck at 93%, 95%, 96% for hours at a time over the past week. However, once I restart the iPhone X, the battery jumps to 100% and operates normally. Battery life is fine and theres no fast drainage. Did a factory restore and still facing the same issue. Anyone else has had this issue??”

And the comment got 18 upvotes. The similar question appeared on MacRumors. If you are reading this article for the same reason, you should continue your reading to know how to fix iPhone X battery percentage bug.


How to fix iPhone X battery percentage bug?

On a support page of Apple, we found the official announcement. It states that if your iPhone stopped charging at 80 percent, try moving it and charging to a cooler location. How to Solve the iPhone X Gets Hot Fast For the reason, it might get slightly warmer while it charges, and to extend the lifespan of your battery, if the battery gets too warm, software might limit charging above 80 percent. And your iPhone will charge again when the temperature drops. If it is caused by low temperature and won’t influence the battery life and your usage as the user SJLee07 stated, it’s okay to let it be like that. How long is iPhone X battery life time

From the comments on MacRumors forum, the temperature might not the cause of this problem. “I noticed that the battery percentage (stuck at 93%) doesn’t update to 100% no matter how long I charge it unless I shut my phone down and turn it back on.” MacRumors user xhux said. Or maybe he or she stays in a hot weather country. The temperature can’t turn into a low level except restart the phone. 

Other two users said they fixed the problem after updating their iPhone X to iOS 11.2. Their words sound credible. However, I check the features of iOS 11.2, even other iOS versions, on and find nothing related. Therefore, can’t make sure that it is the solution. But at least, we have a possible-working method. 

If you tried the methods above and can’t solve the problem, you should contact Apple or your local Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider for further help resolving this issue.


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