DockCase – Best MacBook Pro USB-C Adapter

What’s the most controversial update of MacBook and MacBook Pro in recent years, undoubtedly the missing Magsafe and all-in-one USB-C ports win the game. USB-C stands for the future, it’s the next-generation industry standard that allows power delivery, data transfer and video display. However, currently many deemed necessary like only HDMI-compatible devices or ports other than USB-C. How to make your existing incompatible gears work on your MacBook Pro? A USB-C adapter is required.


You can get a bunch of results by searching “USB-C adapter” at Amazon. Are they all good and working well with your MacBook Pro? Not so positive. As the industry standard is pretty new and jagged, some requirements can not be perfectly matched. As the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro since 2016 version, along with many Windows laptops from HP, Asus, and Acer offer only USB-C ports, many adapters are made for universal uses, not exclusively for MacBook Pro, which may result in incompatibility and other side effect. Therefore, how to choose the best MacBook Pro USB-C Adapter?

1.Number of ports

Generally speaking, the most frequently used ports include USB-A, HDMI, SD card reader, LAN Ethernet are all missing in latest MacBook Pro. Simply, the more ports the adapter is able to restore, the higher merit it gets.  Literally, if all the ports are coming back, you can use your MacBook Pro as it used to be, in all cases. All-in-one USB-C is the option given by Apple, but you can have the choice to get one-to-all. Introducing Dockcase, which brings the most complete ports back with protection of your MacBook Pro. Let’s make a comparison with an ordinary MacBook Pro USB-C adapter.

  Dockcase Purgo USB-C Adapter
USB-A 3.0 3 2
USB-C 3.1 Data Transfer 1 1
USB-C Power Delivery 1 1 (Thunderbolt 3)
HDMI  1 1
SD/Micro SD Card Reader 1 1
LAN Ethernet 1 0
Case for protection Yes No

From $119


2.Quality of ports

For your concern, the best MacBook Pro USB-C Adapter must sport the best-performance ports. According to the industry standard, USB-A 3.0 and USB-C 3.1 are regarded as the most advanced ports for data transfer, the speed is up to 480Mbps and 5Gbps respectively in theory. For the HDMI port, 4K capability should be taken into consideration since the latest monitors and TV screens have already upgraded into 4K standard, the best MacBook Pro USB-C adapter is supposed to be futureproof.


3.Extension uses

Furthermore, portability is one of the key points to value dongles. Most USB-C adapters tend to go small-sized and sleek, but some are going in an opposite way, like Dockcase. It’s more than a dock, combines with a case, which is a perfect embodiment of beauty and functionality. The appearance is closer to be a case, which you may need to carry with everyday, more essentially, it extends your USB-C ports into whatever you want. what can you expect more for a MacBook Pro USB-C adapter?

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