Best Drone with 4K Camera


Thanks to the invention of drone, we no longer live in times when we have to capture stunning aerial photographs or videos on helicopter or microlight plane. Now, it is easier and safer than before. More and more companies enter this market, therefore we have a lot of options. We pursue high camera resolution, long duration, easy to operate and more. A drone with 4K camera will be your best choice. After long time comparison, we’ve found top 5 best drones with 4K camera and would like to share with you.

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Best Drone with 4K Camera


Current Price: $880best-drone-with-4k-camera-dji-mavic-pro

Nearly all DJI drones are featured 4K camera. The DJI Mavic Pro’s compact size hides a high degree of complexity that makes it one of DJI’s most sophisticated flying cameras ever. 24 high-performance computing cores, brand new OcuSync transmission system with a 4.3mi (7Km) range and Full HD 1080p/720p video streaming, 27 mins flight time, 65km/h speed, 4 vision sensors, and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3 axis mechanical gimbal, are at your command with just a push of your thumb or a tap of your finger. There is a pocket-sized remote controller through which you can see everything the camera sees, as well as everything you need to know about your Mavic Pro, from battery life to where it is, to where is heading and much more. And there are several interesting operation modes. In Gesture Mode, you can take photos with a gesture. Tripod mode makes it move precisely and slowly. And in level headed mode, it stays at the same level high above the ground automatically. Don’t worry to bump into it, because it can see obstacles as far away as 49ft(15m) in front, so that it can fly at up to 22mph while avoiding the things it sees. And it is foldable, therefore very portable. 

DJI Phantom 3 SE

Current Price: $599.9best-drone-with-4k-camera-dji-phantom-3-se

DJI Phantom 3 SE is perfect for beginners or experienced drone operators. With its 4K camera, 4km control rang, vision positioning system, 94° field of view, 25-minute flight time, and a 4K camera stabilized by a 3 axis mechanical gimbal, users can experience the thrill of flying with incredible ease. It also comes with a pocket-sized remote controller but doesn’t have a display as Mavic. You should mount a mobile device on the remote controller. However, some people may think it’s better with a bigger display screen. Intelligent Flight Modes like Course Lock and Point of Interest help you fly and shoot like a pro. It is wise enough to return home when it loses connection with the remote controller or the battery level is too low. With or without GPS signal, it hovers precisely in place and waits for your next command. 


Current Price: $798best-drone-with-4k-camera-nutel-robotics-xstar-premium

The X-Star Premium is a sophisticated yet amazingly easy-to-fly quadcopter designed for superb aerial imagery. The 4K camera and 3-axis gimbal can record crystal-clear, smooth Ultra HD videos or take 12-MP photos with HD Live View up to 1.2 miles away with 108° field-of-view. 25 minutes of flight time brings you enjoyable experience. This drone is ready to fly out of the box and can be flown with or without the help of the free Starlink mobile app. Powered by an intelligent flight control system, dual GPS, and GLONASS satellite navigation and aided by the Starpoint Positioning System, the drone stays safe and stable, even indoors or at low altitudes. Where other drones might become erratic or fly away when there is magnetic interference, the X-Star is equipped with our exclusive SecureFly technology to help your drone come back home safely. There is a remote controller without a screen.


Current Price: $399.99best-drone-with-4k-camera-ehang-gHostdrone-20

Ehang GHOSTDRONE 2.0 provides about 25 minutes of flight time, a maximum operating range of about one kilometer (0.62 miles), a maximum speed of about 43 miles per hour, 120-degree field of view, and a gimbaled 4K camera that helps you capture awesome aerial footage of your flights. It also equipped with automated obstacle avoidance system. It doesn’t have a remote controller. You need to download an app on your mobile device and control it. Choosing it as a recommendation is mostly due to its price. Its price makes it really considerable. 

DJI Spark (Not 4K)

Current Price: $349best-drone-with-4k-camera-dji-spark-not-4k

Although DJI Spark doesn’t have 4K camera, DJI Spark is a mini drone that features all of DJI’S signature technologies which is worth to recommend. With intelligent flight control options, a 2-axis mechanical gimbal, 25mm equivalent focal length, 16-minute flight time, 4km control rang, and a camera with incredible image quality, Spark empowers you to push your creative boundaries. It takes off and hovers in place within seconds of powering on. As gesture mode of Mavic, you can take photos using just hand gestures. With PalmControl mode, control Spark’s movement by hand. Intelligent Flight Modes and intuitive controls help you create cinematic aerial videos with just a  few taps. With DJI GO 4 app, you can quickly edit videos and share them straight to social media. In TapFly mode, just envision your shot and Spark captures it for you. With ActiveTrack, spark automatically recognizes objects of different shapes and sizes then track them according to what they are and how fast they move. Spark adopts all previous DJI drone shooting modes while adding two new modes: Pano and ShallowFocus. 

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